##Slackware Guidelines Defined

Version 2.2

Your resident channel admins within ##slackware are:

Due to ownership and administrative changes to ##slackware, irc.freenode.net, the channel guidelines have again changed. The changes are listed below:

- At all times, use common sense.  Treat others like you wish to be
  treated. Flames, trolls, and non-sense will not be tolerated.

- Under no circumstances may you ever post information that is
  deliberately detrimental to some one, especially not in a sneaky
  fashion.  We will outright ban you on the spot, and if anyone
  report this to the admins, we will ban you as soon as we learn
  of it.  No exceptions.

- Don't flood the channel.  That is what the channel #overflow is
  for.  If you need to show a configuration file or long error
  message, please make use of public paste servers such as:

    http://www.pastebin.com (or http://www.pastebin.ca -- .com tends to be SLOW)

- ##slackware exists as a Slackware discussion channel and as a
  help resource for newcomers.  Newcomers and "Old Hats" alike will
  be more likely to receive quality assistance if they obey the
  following suggestions:

  1. When asking a question, be prepared to show evidence that you've
     researched it on your own.  We like to help, but we don't want
     to do it for you.

  2. If you're asked for additional information, please provide it. If
     you're unsure as to why some one wants to see a config file or a
     routing statement or anything similar, just ask them. In this way
     you and others might learn something about how the different parts
     of your Slackware Linux system interact in addition to solving
     your problem.

- ##slackware exists for Slackers to share their knowledge on
  Slackware Linux and topics related to Slackware (such as routing,
  system administration, networking Slackware with other operating
  systems such as Windows, etc.).  With that said, we do not mind
  off-topic (OT) discussions or questions, but we must ask that
  you refrain from such discussions if some one wishes to discuss
  something that *is* on-topic.  Think of the channel in the same
  way that you would think of a radio channel.  When everyone talks
  at once, the result is a jumble of confusion.  By "vacating" the
  channel of off-topic discussion when some one has an on-topic
  discussion, we all benefit.

- In recent years, it has become popular to "break" a few of the old
  IRC netiquette conventions.  Generally speaking, we can't stop all
  of this, but repeat offenders will be dealt with.  Specifically we
  request that you do not do the following things which are simple
  courtesies to everyone.

- Don't PM (/msg) people without first asking permission from them

- Use of any IRC stat scripts is prohibited.  We do not need
  to see your nick change every time you go AFK, and we most
  certainly do not care to have the channel flooded by music
  announcing scripts. Some channel regulars IRC from work and
  suffix "-work" or similar to their name when doing so.
  This is tolerated as a means to inform others that the Ricer
  may be slow to respond or absent without notice.

- Name calling and particularly vulgar language is frowned upon
  and not tolerated.  With that said, we are not nannies and
  aren't going to wash your mouth out with soap for petty
  offenses.  Racist, sexist, and similar language will not be
  tolerated under any circumstances.  Hackers know that some
  one's skin color, gender, or sexual orientation has nothing
  to do with their ability to contribute to the group. Like-
  wise your latest "bedroom conquests" aren't at all related
  to Slackware and won't be tolerated (unless some how they
  *are* related to Slackware, in which case we'd like to hear
  about them. ;^)

- If you have been banned or de-voiced from a channel, don't try
  to avoid the punishment by changing nicks or similar methods.
  We will ban your entire netblock if need be.  If you feel
  that you have been unfairly blocked, please speak to one of
  the channel ops politely.  If you are indeed innocent or have
  "learned your lesson", we will be happy to lift the block.

- If you have questions about how to do something in some other distribution,
  you should check in that distribution's support forums and/or channels -
  ##slackware is for Slackware support.

- Third party package management tools, such as slapt-get and swaret, are not
  supported in ##slackware.  This does not necessarily mean that discussion is
  off-limits, nor does it necessarily mean that you will not receive help if
  you encounter problems from using them, but the best place for support with
  those tools is in their respective channels and/or support forums. 
  The same principle applies to the third-party gnome builds for Slackware.

  Third party packages vary widely in quality; some repositories are good and
  some are not so good.  That being the case, the best place to get support
  for third party packages (such as those from LinuxPackages.net and others)
  is from the person(s) who packaged them.

  The following links should not be construed as endorsements or recommendations
  from ##slackware, but they might be better sources of help with the respective

    GSB (Gnome SlackBuild; replaces Freerock Gnome)
    Build scripts: http://slackbuilds.org  #slackbuilds
    GWare Gnome:  #gware (appears inactive)
    FreeRock Gnome: #slackbuild  (not #slackbuilds; now defunct)
    Dropline Gnome: #dropline (appears inactive)
    Slapt-get: #slapt-get
    Swaret: no idea (forums?)
    64-bit Slackware Derivative:  #slamd64

As a sidenote, we log channel activity to build a knowledge database: http://wigglit.ath.cx/slackware_botlogs/

Enjoy your time at ##slackware!

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