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Range Log – Track Your Experience Via Spreadsheet!

This is just a quick post on range logs or journals.

I have a spreadsheet that I use to keep track of rounds shot out of my guns.  I also use it as a range log.  I usually log things such as the type of ammo shot, as well as the grain of the projectile.  I’ll log any failures and will also log if a particular ammo make/model is accurate/clean/etc.  I keep track of each range visit by date and can see how much ammo I fired that day, even if I shoot 3 different guns during a specific range session.

Why do I do this?  Because I love stats, but a really good reason to track round counts is so that you know when a recoil spring (or other gun internals) needs to be replaced.  As well, it will track ammo makes/models that your guns might not like.

I decided to see which of my guns had the most rounds through it.  The spreadsheet already shows this (I’ve formulas that show total round counts of each gun), but I wanted to calculate it via pivot table.  I’ve done it in Excel but I use Google Docs and it is quite different.  Well, I did it:

1477Grand Power P11 Mk12
773Bersa Thunder 380 Plus
565Glock 19
555SA XD9 Mod.2

In 6th place (I only did the top 5) is the RIA 22TCM 1911 at 526 rounds. It’s round count will climb, as I’ve been trying to shoot 1911s more often, especially since my newest handgun is a big bore 10mm 1911.  I’ll continue to shoot the 22TCM since that ammo is currently cheaper than 10mm.

A sample of the spreadsheet I use is here. (Note that there’s no pivot table, but you’ll be able to see the total round count for a particular firearm in the far right-hand column.)  Feel free to copy this and use it as you see fit.  You can download it and open it using MS Excel, use Google Docs, or even other free office suite spreadsheet software.