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Canik TP9 Elite

Where Can I Find Canik TP9 Elite SC Magazines?

Where the hell are they? I need a few.

No, I don’t want extended mags from other Caniks, as I’m not going to be trying to carry 20-round mag sticks for this handgun.

I need to train with the 12- and 15 round mags. The mags that came with the firearm are holding SD ammo at the moment. I require more of those size mags so that I can train with them without having to empty my only two mags when I’m at the range.

Every day, I’ve been looking for mags online and can’t see any. Well, I’m lying. While 98% of the places that normally carry them are out of stock, the 2% that have them in stock are priced at $45-$50 (or may be showing as in stock but actually aren’t in stock).

I’m also looking for 10-round Canik TP9 Elite SC mags, as I’ve heard that you can alter them to hold 12 rounds – these are also out of stock at all the sites I’ve seen thus far.

I’m about to try Canik TP9 Elite Compact mags (they typically hold 15 rounds), but I’d also need to be able to find mag sleeves for them, or base plates that act similar to sleeves.

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Hello world!

Wow! Already, it feels GREAT to be on WordPress with my own hosting company instead of relying upon Blogger (and being limited).

Still, I’ve a ton of work to do to get this site on the same level as my Blogger site, plus I’ve to enable backup automation, as well as configuring things to run properly (as well as enabling some safeguards to prevent this site from being hacked). The difficult part of the move is over, though.

I’ll have to also ensure that any posts that I make here are automatically posted to Twitter (I had that automated with the Blogger site).

Stay tuned!