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Canik subcompact TP9 Elite

Alert! Found some TP9 Sub-compact mags!

I’ve found a website that currently have the TP9 Elite SC mags in stock.

Note that they’re 10-round mags, though, but you can easily alter those mags to accept 12 rounds. They have the pink extension base plate.

I just ordered two of them. I’ve also checked the reputation of the website. They’re legit.

UPDATE (11/15/2021): I’ve a tracking number and they should ship either today or tomorrow!

UPDATE (11/18/2021): Wow! They’ve arrived! 2 days ahead of schedule!

Canik subcompact TP9 Elite

Was Finally Able to Obtain a TP9 Elite SC Magazine

Three weeks ago, I got a notice that Grabagun had TP9 Elite SC magazines back in stock, but I didn’t see the notice until 3 hours after it was posted – when I logged in to purchase some, they were again no longer in stock.

Last week, I got another notice and saw it within 20 minutes of receiving the e-mail. When I logged in to purchase, I saw they were still in stock, but when I tried to purchase two of them, the system would error out with an obscure message. After investigating and testing, I found that Grabagun only had one magazine left. Either all but one had sold within 20 minutes or Grabagun only got a few restocked. I ended up purchasing that one magazine.

A few things:

The mag was $37.69. Shipping was $5.42. With tax, the order was $44 and some change. That’s quite a bit for one magazine.

Also, the mag was a 10-round magazine with a flush mag plate. I’d wanted 12- or 15-round mags, but since I hadn’t seen any in stock going on six months, a 10-round magazine is better than no mag at all.

I also saw a post on the Canik reddit page that someone had bought a 10-round mag and had ground down the nubs that limit it, regaining the 2 extra rounds. I’d planned to do the same if I had to buy 10-round mags.

I received the magazine today.

Pictures are below. The 12-round mag with the pinky extension is depicted on the left, while the 10-round mag with the flat base plate is on the right. Notice the indented areas on the 10-round mag. That is what is limiting the magazine to a maximum of 10 rounds.

I was able to use a dremel to grind down the bumps that limit the capacity of the magazine. I then tested the magazine by loading it with snap caps. I was able to load 12 of them (max).

For those that might shun such a modification, the magazine already has ammo witness holes, as well at mag catch holes, as well as two round holes along it’s spine. Grinding the limiters isn’t going to cause any type of feed issue if you’ve not left irregularities after you’ve removed those bumps. I also really just wanted extra mags for range use. As I use the mag at the range, if I’ve not noticed any issues with using it after I’ve modified it, I’ll probably decide to use it for carry as well.