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discharge lawsuit non-negligent Sig Sauer voluntary upgrade

It Appears that the P320 is still Experiencing Non-negligent discharges

I encourage everyone to watch the above YouTube video.  Apparently, the P320s are still having issues with non-negligent discharges.

Some takeaways from the video:

Many users have not sent their P320 to Sig Sauer for the voluntary recall (it replaces the trigger and adds an additional safety mechanism). There was at least one user that has the voluntary upgrades on their P320 that had a non-negligent discharge. That’s bad (and probably an understatement).  I was considering carrying my P320, but I will wait to see how Sig Sauer handles this.

I will say this, though:  I hope that this issue wasn’t overlooked or was brushed aside due to the recent multi-million dollar contract with the US Army (the contract for the new modular handgun system that Sig Sauer won).