Alien Gear Canik N8 Tactical subcompact TP9 Elite XD45 XD9

Canik TP9 Elite SC – Several items on the way

I revisited the range a few weeks ago with the Canik TP9 Elite SC again, using different ammo.  I used some light for caliber ammo (90-grain 9mm), as well as some 124- and 147-grain, hoping that one of those would lessen the recoil.

While I love the handgun, it is snappy as hell.  Keep in mind, I’ve been carrying a Springfield Armory XD45 Mod 2 subcompact the past 2 years, so when I say the TP9 SC is snappy, I’m not joking. And, prior to carrying that handgun, I was carrying the XD9 Mod 2 subcompact, which I also shoot well.

I’m not sure why I can shoot the XD45 without worrying about snap while I can shoot the XD9 and XD45 without issue.  It could be that the XDs have great grip texturing while the TP9 SC’s grip texturing isn’t quite as robust.

I’m going to attempt to carry the TP9 SC.  I’ve ordered some rubber Talon Grips for it.  I’ve also swapped out the backstrap for the large one.  I’m hoping that the backstrap alone will help me get a better purchase on the grip so that I can better control the muzzle flip.  The Talon Grips will certainly help with that, too.  I’m not sure when the Talon Grips will be delivered but hopefully I’ll have them within the next 7 days.  While I’m waiting for them to arrive, I’ll visit the range and work on grip control with this handgun.

I also ordered a N8 Tactical OT2 IWB holster.  I didn’t purchase a kydex holster, as I wanted a holster that would protect me from the grip’s texturing…it was rubbing me raw when I was test-carrying the handgun around the house.  I can also order an Alien Gear shell for the TP9 SC (I’ve several Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 holsters), but I’ll do that if I find I don’t like the N8 Tactical holster.

Update (12/27/2021): I’ve been using the N8 Tactical holster as my primary holster, mainly because it keeps the grip texture from my skin.  I sometimes use the OEM holster and sometimes use the Alien Gear hybrid holster, as well, but the go-to holster is the N8 Tactical holster.

G19 Glock Springfield Armory XD45

I Decided to Switch My Carry Gun

I’ve switched from carrying the Glock 19 gen 4 to the Springfield Armory XD45 subcompact in Mod 2 format.

Why the change?

I’d always been interested in the XD45.  I bought this used (see my last post).  It appears to have a very low round count…there’s slight barrel wear (just the black finish has worn) and there’s one place on the slide that has finish wear.  I took it to the range and shot a bit over 100 rounds from it.  It has VERY manageable recoil (remember, it shoots .45ACP) for a firearm it’s size.  I had no issues firing it…there were no hiccups or malfunctions.  I shoot this better than I do my 1911 of the same caliber.  The grip safety doesn’t bother me and I’ve carried the 9mm counterpart in the past so I’m familiar with the platform.

There was nothing to not like about the gun.  It is a good bit smaller than my G19 and I’d been thinking of going back to my XD9 anyways.  The XD45’s raw price was $320 but after all the fees, it was $420, which is still a great price for a basically new firearm.  I can basically switch carrying the XD45 to the XD9 (and back) without any issue.  I did that during my last range visit and because the two guns share the same platform, I had no issues being accurate or getting used to triggers when switching between both handguns.  Recoil happens after the round has been fired, so it doesn’t affect my accuracy (unless I’m anticipating it).

I’d been using the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster with the XD9 subcompact shell when I first started carrying.  The XD45 will fit in that holster without issue.

Magazine capacity is 9 rounds with the normal magazine, although it comes with a 13-round extended magazine as well (which I use as a backup mag).  I’ll be getting a few other 9-round mags soon, so that when I go to the range, I don’t spend most of my time loading up mags.

The sights are great, but are not good in low-light situations, so I may have to get new sights.  I’ll probably not go with XS Big Dots this time.  If I can find a set that have the same profile as the current ones but are night sights, I’ll be fine.  Or, I can keep them as-is and not mess up a good thing.  I’ll figure out which direction I want to go soon.

45ACP Mod.2 Springfield Armory sub-compact XD45 XD9

I Bought a Subcompact Chambered in 45ACP!

So, I’d been thinking about larger caliber handguns lately, and love my XD 9 subcompact.  I’d heard great reviews on the XD 45 variant.  I found a used XD 45 that was being sold for $329.  After shipping and taxes, it was priced at $389…still a steal!  I bought it this past Sunday.  It should arrive at my FFL on Saturday.  Due to that, I might have to wait until Sunday or Monday to pick it up.

The handgun will come with a 9-round and 13-round magazine and nothing else.

While I’m excited about the handgun, I’m a bit miffed about the shipping.  The damned gun is in-state.  The store that sold it to me is in Virginia Beach.  I’m in the Manassas area.  I could’ve driven to pick it up and saved the $50 in shipping (at least).  I bought it on Sunday night via  They wanted an over-the-phone transaction so I called them Monday morning when they opened.  I’d already contacted my local FFL (my range) so they were aware of the purchase and incoming firearm.  I asked them to send their FFL info to the store where I bought the handgun.  I think they sent their FFL info to the store either late Monday or Tuesday morning.  I got an email from USPS stating that the gun was due to be shipped but hadn’t been picked up yet…that was Tuesday morning around 10AM.  The firearm sat a the store all day…wasn’t picked up until late that evening.  It’s due to arrive 12/15.  That’s 3 days for transport when I could drive to that store and be there within 3 hours (max).  WTF.  Most people would blame the shipping (USPS) but I’ve bought firearms from out of state that didn’t take 3 days to arrive at the local post office.  I know shipping can be expensive for a business but shit, didn’t I pay $30 for shipping?  That shipping fee results in the slowest mailing method?  That’s B.S. IMO.  I won’t be buying from them again.  And, this is a mom/pop, brick-mortar store.  People always harp on supporting local and/or brick-mortar stores but when crap like this happens, I hear nothing but crickets.

Anyways, I’m going to be using my XD 9 subcompact Alien Gear holster for the XD 45 since I hear they’re compatible with the holster.  I’ll probably end up buying 2-3 extra 9-round mags as well.

The plan is to carry this handgun.  I’ll keep you all updated as I become familiar with it.

UPDATE (12/15/2018):
She has arrived, and two days early (picked her up at 8:30AM yesterday before heading to work).  Was not able to shoot from her since I had to go straight to work.  Will try to take her out today — getting dressed now, in fact!

UPDATE (1/1/2019)

I’ve done a quick review here: