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California Freedom Week magazines

CA Man Charged With Buying “High Capacity” Magazines

Sourced from ABC30.com:

Freedom Week used as defense for South Valley man facing gun magazine charges.



Pheng Yang purchased standard capacity magazines when a judge ruled last year that the CA law banning magazines with a higher capacity than 10 rounds was unconstitutional.  The ruling lasted a week before it was reversed, but this time frame allowed CA citizens to purchase standard capacity mags during that span of time (called Freedom Week).  

The ruling (also the reversing) judge stated that the law could not be enforced against those who bought standard capacity magazines during Freedom Week.  

The judge’s statement will now be tested, as Pheng’s brother is a felon and a parole search was issued, which meant that Pheng’s home had to be searched.  Deputies found the magazines during the search.  Felony charges were filed against Pheng.