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All Snap Caps Are NOT Created Equal

You’d think that all snap caps are created equal.


I bought some plastic snap caps called Dummy Rounds from Amazon maybe a month ago.  I had no snap caps in 7.62×39 and wanted to test out some Croatian mags that I thought were misfeeding.  I bought the Dummy Rounds (5 rounds).

Well, while they served their purpose (I was able to test the Croatian mags with them), they are NOT durable.  I racked all 5 rounds through 4 of those mags, and ran each mag through two firearms (an AK rifle and an AK pistol).  These rounds are chipped at the back, where the extractor normally latches onto the back lip of the cartridge.  We’re talking big chips.

If you’re going to buy plastic snap caps, at least ensure they’re metal where the extractor makes contact with them.

I ended up buying another set (of 5) from Vector Suppliers.  These are metal with rubber where the primer would be (to lessen firing pin wear/damage).  I haven’t used them yet but I’m almost certain they’ll be better than the plastic ones.

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Extra Ammo and Supplies Ordered

Ordered some heavier grain ammo from Gander Mountain, Remington HTP 147-grain JHP.

I also bought more of the Remington HTP 115-grain +P JHP ammo that I shot earlier this week.

Both are listed as home defense ammo, so I think I’ll use them in that manner (will have to test the 147-grain ammo, though).

I also ordered 10 9mm-sized snap caps and 10 .45ACP-sized snap caps, from ST Action Pro.  I already have a few snap caps (5 x A-Zooms and 5 x Tiptons…they were expensive for 5 packs).  These were much cheaper @ between .95 and .98 apiece, so I ordered 10 of each caliber.

I also ordered a cheap Trinity Force rail-mount laser sight from Anthony Industries, for $30.  I’m not sure if this will crap out on me since it’s cheap, but I want a laser sight so I can practice dry fire (to monitor my trigger pulls and try to keep them steady).  I didn’t feel like spending a large sum of money to use a laser in such a manner.  I’ve a cheap light as well and that hasn’t crapped out yet, so maybe this one will be OK.