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AK-P Cube+ fail Polaroid PSA

First Range Visit With The AK-P

First things first, the AK-P is NOT a good firearm for indoor shooting.  It was seriously loud.

My range notes are below:

  • First time shooting a pistol in 7.62×39.
  • Oh man.  The bang is LOUD and BRIGHT (my range is an indoor range).
  • I shot 3 different types of mags (two metal imports and one 10-round Magpul).  There were no issues.
  • The gun got hot but was still manageable.  I shot all the rounds standing up, but I did change my grip from handguard to mag (mag grip was better).
  • I recorded but the footage was corrupt when I got home and checked it.  🙁  WTF Polaroid…this isn’t the first time this has happened.  All the more reason to visit the range again soon.
  • I should think about shooting this outside.  It is super loud (I’m not exaggerating).  I’ve no doubt it was pissing off the guys next to me.
  • I was mainly hitting upper left (I usually hit low left), but was hitting bulls-eye at the beginning…I think I got fatigued toward the end of the 1-hour session.
  • All ammo was RSA FMJBT 7.62×39.
  • Also, note that I didn’t zero the firearm, but it shot well enough (I hit the bulls-eye several times when firing the first mag).

What ticked me off was the camera not working.  That’s inexcusable, IMO.  It recorded but the footage corrupted.  I may need to get something that’s more dependable.

I plan to go again tomorrow in an attempt to capture footage again.