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action camera Cube+ Juision Polaroid

I’m into Action Cameras For Use At The Range

I bought a Polaroid Cube+ to use as a range camera.  I’ll be mounting it on the bill of my range hats.  Here’s how the Cube+ looks, specifically it’s housing mounted on the hat, and the Cube+ and housing mounted on the hat.

What I was using prior to the Cube was this.  It’s a Juision “spy” camera that attaches to one of the arms of your shades/spectacles (it is a Chinese camera):

Some video footage of the Juision:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/fZB1PEHASKgzwQeGA

Shooting video footage that the Juision captured:

The Juision started malfunctioning, which is a pity because it is pretty much perfect.  It’s small, light, and has a very good position to film.

The Cube+ takes better footage but is quite a bit bulkier.

I have not tried the Cube+ at the range yet.  I will try tomorrow and post the footage.

UPDATE (2/19/2019):

I took the Cube+ to the range today.  Footage is below.