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Canik Clark Brothers subcompact TP9 Elite Virginia Warrenton

My Thoughts on My Recently Purchased Canik TP9 Elite Subcompact

Yes, this is now a thing.  It feels good enough to replace my XD45 Mod 2 as my daily carry.  I’m tempted to use the holster that’s included with it (it’s configured by default to use as OWB, but I’ve rotated the clips so that I can use the holster as IWB) but when testing it, the grip rubs my skin, so I’d have to wear undershirts when using this holster.  I’d looked at N8 Tactical but they don’t have a Pro model hostler for this specific handgun.

I’ll probably visit the range some time this week so that I can get some rounds through the gun (mandatory for me, before I can consider carrying it).  Fortunately, I’ve a bit of 9mm ammo stashed away.  I may even consider using a red dot optic on it, since it has an RMR slide cut.

 I may also decide to sell my two TP9SAs and use the funds from selling those to obtain an SF Elite (looked at one of those yesterday at the LGS).

By the way, if you’re in Northern Virginia around Manassas or Gainesville, visit Clark Brothers.  They’re a good LGS.

UPDATE:  I’ve visited the range with the new Canik.  I’ve a post range visit video here: