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AK Master Mount Midwest Industries Romeo5 RS Regulate

I Bought Two AK Rails and an AK Rail Mounting System

I bought the following parts and test-fitted them to my bastardized AK-63DS:

  • RS Regulate sight mounting system
  • Midwest Industries sight mounting system
  • AK Master Mount Sight Rail (this is where the above mounting systems attach to the firearm)

I think I like the RS Regulate gear’s fitment better than the Midwest Industries rail. 

Something about the documentation of the MI rail rubbed me the wrong way…several warnings regarding voiding warranty if you don’t read their jacked up instructions; the metal shavings coming off the parts as you use it.  I’ve owned it less than a week and just the minor adjustments alone has caused serious wear, and I’ve followed the instructions to the letter.  I opted to not return the rail since I know they’ll bitch about the shavings and attempt to blame me of misuse, but I’ll leave a just review.

Why did I immediately buy an RS Regulate rail system immediately after buying the MI system?  I didn’t trust the MI system.  As well, the MI system mounts the rail up too high.  I’d have returned it for a low profile version but it was more expensive than the unit I ordered and I didn’t want MI bitching about the 20 minutes usage and 1 years’ worth of wear on the locking cam.

Next, I’m going to maybe grind down the AK Master Mount’s hex screw head, hoping I don’t mess it up (I’ve a spare if I do, but the kit only came with three screws).  I could call them up to see if they can offer screws with smaller heads.  Or, I could just look up a local AK gunsmith and have him take care of it.  We’ll see. UPDATE (12/14/2023): I ended up just using a dremel cutting wheel to cut off the nub of metal that’s sticking up from the trigger guard. I ensured the edges of the cut weren’t sharp. Doing this enabled me to properly tighten that screw (shown in the 3rd pic from the bottom of the group of pics).