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Glock 19 Grand Power P11 SIG Sauer P320

I’d Not Been To the Range In Quite A While

I’ll admit right now that I’d not been to the range since April 2018, until this past week.  I went to the range after work (I didn’t even change out of work clothes).

I took the Grand Power P11, the P320 (which is currently in a subcompact configuration), 100 rounds of WWB FMJ and 100 rounds of Wolf FMJ (both 115-grain).  And of course, I was CCing my Glock 19.  I neglected to charge up my mini-camera, so there’s no shooting footage this time.

I ran out of rounds before my one-hour session finished.

Sig Sauer P320 Compact – 78
Grand Power P11 Mk12 – 72
Glock 19 – 50

There was one malfunction between the three firearms and 200 rounds of ammo, but I do not believe it was the firearms.  Of course it was the Grand Power that exhibited a fail to feed.  I tried to feed that round 5-6 times and it would not feed at all.  At first I thought it was a fail to return to battery but then when I saw that it wouldn’t feed no matter how I tried, I determined that the ammo was bad.  I would’ve tried to see if one of the other handguns would’ve chambered/shot it but I didn’t know if the projectile was pushed in (making the round over-pressured).  I chucked that round.  Now, the Grand Power is very tight tolerance-wise.  Some people may fault the gun for that.  For me, no.  The ammo has to be good.  Reputable SD ammo would be within tolerance.  FMJ (ie, practice ammo) should not be expected to be perfect.

Overall, it was a good range session but I promise to myself that I’ll be visiting the range every month at the LEAST, because I shot like shit compared to my last visit (I’d been regularly visiting the range back then).