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bar Canik Canik Fanatik excessive wear RMA spring TP9SA trigger

TP9SA Trigger, Trigger Bar, Firing Pin Block, and Springs Replaced!

I recently published the following post – Issue with one of my TP9SAs (or maybe both).

I sent the tan TP9SA back the week of April 15 in the hopes that Century Arms (the importer of Caniks) would replace some worn parts on the firearm.

I received the gun back today (28 April).

Per the work ticket that they provided when returning the firearm, the gunsmith noticed the trigger parts were “worn/poor” and replaced the trigger, trigger bar, firing pin block, and upgraded the springs.

They also checked headspace, mag catch fitment, ejector functionality, and test-fired 18 rounds (presumably to check the trigger work they performed).

Just dry-firing it, there’s a night/day difference with the trigger. The new trigger spring is still different from what’s in the black one, but at least they fixed the tan handgun’s worn parts. The trigger bar where the trigger spring attaches is flat, vs the original part having nooks at the top portion. It no longer feels that the trigger bar is dragging on another part when pulling the trigger.

I was on the fence on sending the gun back to them, after reading of complaints here and on the FB groups. They were very engaged with the process of me reaching out to them, them sending me info on how to file a claim, them receiving the firearm and working on it in a timely fashion, and them sending me back the firearm (in a real gun box that was discreetly packaged). The gun is also clean (they stated they cleaned it after the test firing). I’ve no complaints at all…I received outstanding service.

I guess I’ll need to visit the range with this firearm soon.

bar Canik Canik Fanatik excessive wear RMA spring TP9SA trigger

Issue with one of my TP9SAs (or maybe both)

I’ve two Canik TP9SAs.  I bought a black one in Jan of 2014.  Back then I was planning to move to CA.  I’d decided to buy another TP9SA since no Caniks are on the CA DOJ Approved List of guns, so I bought the tan TP9SA.

I’d always wondered why there was a drastic difference between the two triggers.  For reference, the below are the trigger pull stats for both handguns:

Black handgun:

2 lb 14.3 oz

2 lb 15.8

2 lb 7.3

3 lb 1.4

2 lb 8.0

Average – 2 lb 12.6 oz

Tan handgun:

3 lb 12.3 oz

3 lb 3.3

3 lb 2.1

3 lb 2.9

3 lb 4.8

Average: 3 lb 5.1 oz

Initially, I’d noticed that the trigger bar on the tan one appeared to be rubbing against the frame, so I thought that was why.  Maybe two weeks ago, I decided to remove the slides of both and put them side by side so that I could compare components, knowing that the black TP9SA had the good trigger.  Well, I noticed that the trigger springs appear to greatly differ between the two guns!  The black handgun appears to have the lighter spring with more coils.  The tan gun’s trigger spring is heavier with less coils.

When I posted pictures to Canik Fanatik’s forums, I was told that the tan gun had the standard spring and that the black one may be out of spec.

Keep in mind, both guns were bought new.  The black handgun was bought locally, at a gun store.  The tan gun was bought from Prepper Gunshop.

I dry fire both a lot, although I don’t shoot them much.  I’ve a lot of handguns, so I tend to rotate my favorites a lot…the Caniks are good but are not my favorites, so the round counts for both are low.  I’ve shot 150 rounds from the tan handgun and 100 rounds from the black gun.  Still, that’s way too much wear from just dry firing.  As well, I dry fire them roughly the same amount, but only the one handgun has excessive wear.

I mention the dry fire because the tan TP9SA has a lot of wear on the bar/lever that the spring is attached to.  On the top of that lever is supposed to be a 90 degree edge.  That edge is completely gone and almost worn level.  On the black handgun, the edge is present.  As well, on the striker surface that the trigger bar actuates, the surface is worn and material appears to be missing (it’s supposed to be a flat surface, but the area is beveled from excessive wear.

I’m currently OK with the way the black handgun’s trigger is.  It’s light but not too light (it’s about as light as I’m willing to allow).  There’s no wear.  At least one person at Canik Fanatik’s forums thinks there’s something wrong with the black handgun, but I don’t think anything is wrong with it….as long as there’s no excessive wear, I’m OK with it.

So, I reached out to Canik and told them the issues.  They replied back asking for a slew of information so that they could process the RMA.  Once I get the RMA number from them, I’ll send it to them to check out, tune, or replace.

I’ll update the blog as I’m updated by Canik.

UPDATE – 4/22/2021:  Century Arms currently has the Canik.  Due to Coronavirus, it may be awhile before it’s repaired and sent back to me, but I’m patiently awaiting.