AK 63 AKM AMD-63 FEG Hungary

It’s Here!

The good news:

The bad news:

Yes.  Already.  I haven’t even fired it yet.  The only thing I can think of is that it happened when test firing the rifle.  It’s not actually that bad…it’s only on the left side.  The right side is fine.  I hear they all peen like that and will eventually stop.  We’ll see.  I understand that I can polish my hammer (Tapco G2) so that it stops doing this, but I want to investigate further before even trying that.  This is my first AK….I’d rather the carrier gets fucked (I can always buy another) than me screwing it up by trying to smooth out the hammer face.
I’m loving the rifle so far.  I only had 30 minutes to mess with it before I had to be off to work.  Everything it came with is good, as well.  The rifle is actually lighter than I expected.  In fact, it’s a LOT lighter…it feels around the same weight as my AR-556.
I can actually see myself shooting this thing a lot, but I’ll await the other bits to arrive before I take it to the range.