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AK47 gas tube cover handguard mag loader Magpul rail sight adjustment tool

AMD 63 Mods On the Way!

My FFL hasn’t even received my AMD 63 yet and I’m already ordering mods for the rifle.

I usually frown upon that because I always want to know how a gun shoots before modifying it.  In this case, I want to swap out the handguard with Magpul bits.  The stock handguard is all-metal and are unshielded.  From my understanding, the handguard get hot.  The Magpul is shielded and appears very rugged.  Installing this also means that I’ll lose the foregrip, but I’m OK with that, as I’ve no experience with it.

The Magpul handguard comes with a gas tube cover, which is great because the gas tube is exposed on this rifle.

I had to order the AKM variant.  This will require some minor fitting but I’m OK with such things and there are YouTube videos on how to fit it to the AMD variants.

I may also order a rail that will attach to the gas tube (which will replace the Magpul gas tube cover), but that will come later.

I think I also need a magazine loader, so I ordered the Butler Creek ASAP Universal Magazine Loader for the AK47.

I also need a sight alignment tool, so I ordered the Magna-Matic Defense Front Sight Adjustment Tool.

I will also need to get some ammo but I’ll worry about that a bit later, as I’m not far from a few gun stores (and Cabelas, if I’m not seeing anything I like at the small gun stores).

The rifle arrives some time tomorrow, but I’ve work.  They’ll have to call me around 10 AM at the latest if they expect me to pick it up tomorrow, otherwise it will be picked up the next morning (they open at 10 AM).

Either way, I’ll be posting pics here between tomorrow and the next day.