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Bersa Glock 19 Plus Thunder web sting

Bersa Thunder Plus and Glock 19 – Bite Issues with One, Same-as-usual for the Other!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a video, so here it is.

The only woe I have (actually, HAD) was that the Bersa would sting the hell out of the webbing of my hand.  I’ve added Talon Grips (a strip along the back strap area) which I think helped, but I think the actual issue was that I didn’t have a firm grip on the gun, which made the edges of the beavertail (sharp edges) dig into the sensitive part of my hand.  I shot 200 rounds out of the Bersa tonight and didn’t get stung at all.

I also shot 100 rounds out of my Glock 19.  I’m falling in love with this gun…I’m becoming accurate as hell with it and it will eat ammo (rough ammo — Wolf) while being dirty…without issue.  What’s not to love?

Oh, and I’ve a treat.  I now have a camera that mounts to my range glasses that will capture footage of me shooting.  I’ve never been able to capture good footage of my range sessions until now.

Enjoy the video!