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Instagram Has Been Killing My Accounts

I created my third Instagram account in February 2023. My first one got nuked with no notice. I’m not sure why, because it was automotive-affiliated, had nothing but car photos, and wasn’t really used all that much.

I opened my third one so that I could visit Alpha Foxtrot’s Instagram account. You need an account to browse and read comments. Beyond visiting that one account and viewing the photos of firearms (I didn’t leave comments or upload any photos), I didn’t use the account.

I tried to log into the account today and found that the account was suspended after not being used maybe 3 weeks and no activity that violated usage of the account. There was no posted reason as to why it was suspended. I was given the option of disputing and I took it, after which I was immediately able to log into my account. I looked at the account status and there is no hint that it was suspended. I also looked at my account’s activity (to determine if it was hacked), but it was empty of activity logs.

Either someone suspended the account because of it’s name (username is ‘r2kbaaa’) or because of me viewing firearms.

WTAF. So, someone can post photos of firearms and that’s fine, but a person can’t view those same photos?? Or, no one can use any username related to the right to bear arms?

Those aren’t grounds for suspension/deletion per their acceptable usage policy. I can’t ask about it because I refuse to navigate their pages to try to find a way to converse with a moderator (Instagram is owned by Meta, which also owns and was/is Facebook).

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New Gun-friendly Social Media Hangouts

If you haven’t heard yet, YouTube has pulled advertisement revenue from YouTube channels that have a focus on firearms.  That means that if those channels have any type of dependence on that type of revenue, that method of attaining funds will stop.

Once again, social media companies are trying to stick it to those that believe in 2A.

Alternatives are:

I suggest you mention these to your friends.  These alternatives are struggling. 

There has not been much turn-out, but these were generated when Facebook began to shut down 2A-affiliated groups shortly after the Orlando shootings.  People complained about it, which spawned gun-friendly social media sites such as the above, but people aren’t using them. 

Come on, guys and gals…these places can be much better than Facebook or YouTube, but only if we use them.

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Colorado Mass Shooter, Obama Speaks Out Before Facts Are Known


I saw this posted on Facebook yesterday:

“The last thing Americans should have to do, over the holidays or any day, is comfort the families of people killed by…
Posted by The White House on Saturday, November 28, 2015

My response is:

Here we go again with trying to make a whole population feel guilty for someone that’s either crazy or doesn’t care about rules. True to form, Obama didn’t even wait for the bodies to stiffen before rushing to the podium. What’s wild is that he admitted that they don’t yet know the motives of the shooter. If you don’t yet know the important facts, why make a statement?

Do any of you feel guilty when a murder is committed and a gun WASN’T the murder weapon? Probably not. Why is this any different? Because a gun was used? It’s not the gun that’s the problem…it’s the fact that people keep using the media as a tool to final fame in their end game. Also, this game of “its so commonplace that we’ve become numb to it” is ridiculous. Whenever I see something like this, I just shake my head, but I’m not going to give up my right because some fool murdered someone. That’s why people who commit murders are tried in courts of law…they try the assailants, as they committed the crime. Not me or other law-abiding gun owners, but he assailants.

I’m not buying the excuse that it happens a lot, especially when the media hypes things up.

Tightening gun control will NOT help…if anyone can point to a place in the US (NOT any place OCONUS) that has seen a decline in murders because of tight gun control, share the data.

The bottom line is, I refuse to pay any price for someone who wants to go out with a large body count. Why should I feel guilty or wrong for a crime I did not commit? I refuse to be even remotely responsible for this act. Some dude killing several people and me using my guns for sport and self defense…two VERY different things. Again, why should I be morally responsible for a nut going on a killing spree?

I’m going to leave this here: Obama is really pushing for the Syrian refugees to be allowed in this country…he doesn’t see a problem and has stated that these refugees are not terrorist, but he’s pointing blame of hysteria to a certain group of Americans. Well, he’s right…not every muslim is a terrorist, JUST LIKE EVERY GUN OWNER IS NOT A CRIMINAL. He’s giving leeway to the refugees by refusing to believe that terrorists might slip into America, but he’s believing that every gun owner is responsible for the relatively few nutjobs that commit murder. That doesn’t make sense. The difference is that he wants to control one situation (guns in the US) but not another (refugees that might be criminals). He ignores that they might be criminals in the refugee ranks but won’t acknowledge that there are criminals in the gun owner ranks. He really doesn’t have control of either group of people, because criminals will be criminals. Again, it doesn’t make sense.

On a slight tangent, I saw someone state that using social media as a debating tool doesn’t help a cause.  Actually, for people that are on the fence about political matters, it just might help to open a dialogue with them.  Many times, such discussion spills over into real life discussions (example, you visit a relative that might support tighter gun restrictions and he’d read your view on the 2nd Amendment).   As well, many of my FB posts are copied to either my Google account or my blogs.  Blogs are definitely powerful as a social media tool.  Also, sometimes I make videos to spur discussion.  Really…if politicians use FB or any other social medium, regular folk can too.