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assembly EFK Glock 22 OEM recoil spring

EFK Recoil Spring/Rod Assembly Has Arrived

UPDATE (5/5/2017): had an issue with the recoil spring (it deconstructed itself) and the end screw has disappeared.  Awaiting word from EFK on if they’re going to send me another one.

So, I had a present arrive in my mailbox today, the EFK recoil spring assembly for my newly acquired Glock 22 Gen 3 handgun.

I was surprised, as the shipping info had stated that the package would arrive 17 Jan.  It was actually 2-day shipping.

The OEM spring that I have is worn…it almost falls off of the barrel link on it’s own.  It barely takes any effort to get it on.  The spring has lost its tensioning, I believe, but I’ve never owned a Gen 3 Glock, so I don’t know if that is normal.  All I know is that it barely passes the recoil spring test.

I pulled out the OEM spring and put in the EFK spring assembly.  It fits as I feel the OEM should, with a bit of effort.

The big deal is that the spring is stiff enough to where I’m having difficulty racking it back.  I can rack it but if I need to lock the slide back with the slide lever, it takes quite an effort, especially the more I try it.

I hope it breaks in.  If not, I might have to go back to OEM.

That’s another thing I need to try.  I need to get an OEM spring to see how different it is than the one that came with this gun.  OEM may be fine for me.  I just need to see if I can find a store that has them locally…getting tired of having things shipped to me (shipping and the pain of waiting for the parts to arrive is annoying).

The real reason I bought the EFK spring is to see if it lessens recoil significantly.  I’ve the feeling it will, but at the cost of being ultra stiff to the point where the gun is difficult to rack back.

Maybe I can visit the range this weekend to give it a test (or maybe I should wait to get the OEM spring and test them both in one session).