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22TCM9R Glock 19

With Difficulty, I Found and Bought A Glock 19 22TCM9R Conversion Kit!

I was perusing Armscor’s website, looking for nothing in particular, which I do from time to time when I’m bored. At one point in time, I was considering purchasing the 22TCM9R conversion kit for the Glock 19, but I could never find it in stock (I’d usually check at the Armscor website and on Gunbroker).

When I checked tonight, they had them in stock, so I ordered a kit!

The kit consists of a recoil spring assembly with an adapter ring for use with the Gen 4 Glock 19, and the barrel.

There are two kit versions:

  • Old Version – will include Glock 19 Gen 4 adapter ring.
  • New Version – will NOT include Glock 19 Gen 4 adapter ring.

I’ve the Gen 4 Glock, so I ordered the old version of the kit. They’re currently priced at $142, which is a LOT cheaper than I last saw, almost certainly due to the fact that the previous kits included a slide.

So, I’ll be reviewing this conversion kit in the near future!

22TCM9R conversion kit G17 G19 G22 Glock 22 Lone Wolf

Glock 22 Inbound!

I came into a bit of money this month (owner of the company I’m working for gave me $200 as an impromptu bonus since I’m still a contract-to hire worker).

I used the money to fund a Glock 22 Gen 3 purchase.  It’s funded 2/3rds of the cost of the gun.  “Say what?” you say?  I found a used police trade-in Glock 22 Gen 3 at Sportsman Outdoor Superstore.  For $319.  I’ve not seen it yet but they sell them as Fair Condition.  The comments of previous buyers say that they received theirs in better condition than listed.  Plus, they sell with one 15-round mag but many people have been reporting that theirs arrived with 2 mags.  Some of the guns have metal sights and even tritium sights.  I’ve no idea what mine will have.

This will be my first .40 caliber handgun.  I’ve fired .40 before so I know what to expect.  Well, maybe not.  The .40 I fired was a Sig.  This is a Glock.  I’m not sure there will be a difference but we’ll find out.

I intend to use this as a range gun.  I may not even fire much .40 out of it because I’ve an ulterior motive in buying the gun.  I’m going to buy a 22TCM9R conversion kit for it.  9R ammo a tad shorter than the normal 22TCM ammo…it’s designed to fit into 9mm/40 mags.  I will not have to worry about finding non-spec mags to use with this conversion.  The kit comes with a slide and barrel.  The slide is compensated.  Whenever I feel the need to go back to .40, I can just swap back the Glock barrel, slide, and recoil spring assembly.  Hell, I can convert my 22TCM 1911 to shoot 9R…I already have 1911 mags that fit in the gun (it came ready to shoot either 9mm or 22TCM)…all I need is 9R ammo to use the 9mm mags, otherwise I have to use .38 Super mags.

So, the used Glock was $319.  The conversion kit is very difficult to find and if I order from Armscor, it may take up to a year for them to get one to me.  The pricing is high for the kit, as well.  MSRP is $431 but I’ve seen others reporting getting them for $100 less.  So, I’m going to end up with a $650 specialized Glock.  So be it…I don’t care.

Now, I could’ve gone another route in doing this.  I also have a Glock 19.  They’re planning to make a similar kit that’ll fit G19s and G23s, but I’ve been waiting for them to hit the streets for about a year…I’ve heard nothing but crickets.  The G22 conversion kit will also fit G17s, but I wanted the option of firing .40.  Hell, if I wanted I could get a Lone Wolf 9mm barrel for the G22 and that gun would end up firing 3 different calibers out of it.  🙂

We’ll see how things develop.  As it it, I may have to wait awhile for the 9R conversion kit…everyone appears to be sold out of them.