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Video – Biden’s Anti-gun Tactics & Executive Orders


It’s a bold lie that the majority of the US favors background checks.  Colion Noir provided details to refute that awhile back (https://www.facebook.com/COLIONNOIR/posts/3791001044282958).

It’s also bad (and quite bold) for a standing US president to say that NO amendment is absolute when the 2nd affirms the inalienable right to bear arms.  That statement should be raising quite a few eyebrows.  2A doesn’t grant citizens the right.  2A isn’t the US government giving citizens permission to bear arms.  2A is the government acknowledging that the right exists and is beyond the US government to take away.  Some believe (as I do) that it is a God-given (or natural) right.

So he’s going to ban ghost guns.  Why?  A mass shooter has never used a ghost gun to commit atrocities, so why the focus on ghost guns?

He’s pushing universal background checks.  Why?  There have been mass shooters committing atrocities in states that require universal background checks.  UBCs don’t stop mass shootings.

The tactic of creating many laws to impede lawful abiding gun owners is ridiculous.