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Facebook’s Attack on the 2nd Amendment

I wanted to share a few quick notes on my opinion of Facebook’s recent attacks on groups that involve firearms.

Here’s one thing I really hate about FB. They’ve hacked pages and if you’re not careful on what you click, you can have your page hijacked. Now that’s not the only worry…personal information can be stolen and some of that information can be used to damage other aspects of your life.

When I report a hacked page, FB does nothing. Nothing at all. But yet they’ll make it a mission goal to shut down gun groups for things they don’t understand. In many states, private sales of guns is legal (ie, Virginia). Another thing is, they seem to not even be investigating…they respond based on reports. Anyone can claim a page/group is in violation, but you’d think FB would be validating the claims. I don’t think they are.

When the public was outraged that the US government was serving notices to social media, Zuckerberg was all over it, insisting that he was fighting “the man” because of privacy concerns. Yet he’ll tromp all over 2A. WTF. You can’t choose what Bills within the Bill of Rights you’ll support. If you tear one down, what’s to stop the rest from being torn down? You can’t love 1A, speak bad about 2A, try to get 2A removed, and expect 1A to be safe. These people are seriously retarded.

 Yes, I know that FB isn’t the only social media service that has issues with firearms.  And I also know that FB is a private organization.  FB isn’t the only social media outlet that does this type of thing:  Google shut down Hickok45 twice last month for posting/linking his videos to Google+.  Does that make it right, though?  No.  This has nothing to do with the Patriot Act (there are no parallels and just because the PA exists doesn’t mean we need to be tearing down basic freedoms), as a recent responder mentioned.  This also has nothing to do with supporting a Republican cause (this is another labeling of the aforementioned responder).  I’m not a Republican — you can be Democrat and still love and support guns, but just because I’m speaking out against FB and anti-gunning tactics doesn’t mean I’m Republican.

I suggest gun owners and the firearms community utilize services that support firearms and the 2nd Amendment.  One such tool is MeWe, a social media tool.  I’ll be creating a MeWe account soon.  There’s also GunDistrict.com.  Both of these are good social media tools that are less tyrannical than FB.

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TP9SA Decocker Rant

I forgot that I published this video.  This is me ranting about the people complaining about the Canik TP9SA’s decocker.  There are also several other people that have similar videos, in response to TheYankeeMarshall’s complaining about this gun not being a good defensive weapon due to it having a decocker (he complains about it but has never handled the gun).  Others (MAC is one) have also complained about it…I’m not sure if they’re getting on TYM’s bandwagon and I assume they are since they complained within days of each other.  This gun has pretty much gotten rave reviews from well-known internet gun guys, such as Sootch00, Nutnfancy, Hickok45, Hank Strange, Iraqveteran8888, James Yeager, and MrGunsngear.  TYM said the other reviewers were “sucking the manufacturer’s dick”.  Really?  It comes down to name-calling when he hasn’t even touched the gun?  In fact, TYM never has anything good to say about anything.  All he ever does is whine or complain…he does this in EVERY ONE OF HIS VIDEOS.  I’ve never taken him seriously but his TP9SA “review” just bugs the hell out of me.  In this day and age, it’s difficult to take anyone serious about guns, since everyone offers subjective opinions…nothing is ever objective.

FX Hummel mentioned that it might be difficult to rack the TP9SA’s slide using a belt or other non-hand method without actuating the decocker, but that’s actually a pretty valid concern, so I didn’t rant about that.