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Can the Alpha Foxtrot S15 Be Used With PSA’s Dagger Micro 15-Round Mags?

Can the Alpha Foxtrot S15 use the PSA Dagger Micro 15-Round Mag?

I’ve asked that question on at least one 1911 forum and was told that it wouldn’t work, but no one has tried.

I’m not interested in hearing assumptions.

It either will latch or it won’t

It will either release and drop free from the mag well effortlessly or not.

It should feed properly.

The Alpha Foxtrot S15 is built around Shield Arms S15 15-round mags, which are 3rd-Party mags made for the Glock 43X and the Glock 48. Because of that, the AF-S15 can also use the OEM G43X and G48 mags, although those particular mags have a 10-round capacity.

In the quest to check for yet another source of mags for the AF-S15, I’ve ordered one PSA Dagger Micro magazine, which has a 15-round capacity and can be used with G43Xs and G48s.

I saw that PSA had the mags in stock. I ordered a blem mag with the Micro Slick finish, for $29. Shipping was $9.99 and the total was $40.72 (shipping is always a lot and I didn’t need anything else from PSA).

Note that the Dagger Micro mags are polymer-coated, even around the mag latch area, which means that this will be a wear point, as the AF-S15 uses a metal mag catch within it’s mag well. I’m also curious if the mag will slide easily into and out of the mag well, and also unlatch without hangup issues.

I ordered one mag to test, initially, as I didn’t want to order 2-3 only to find that they won’t work.

The test results will determine if I order more (specifically for range use).

I’ll share my findings with the rest of the world, as I keep seeing folks asking this question or outright verbally assuming that the Dagger Micro mags will work with this gun.

1911A2 45ACP base plate Century Arms magazines R1 Remington

Looking for mags that fit your RIA 1911A2?

When I bought my RIA 10mm 1911A2, I tried to order A2 mags from AdvancedTactical.com (Armscor parts/support site).  The showed as having plenty in stock but apparently, they were out, because my order sat for a month before I told them to cancel it.  In fact, they’re still showing as out of stock at the time of this posting.

I tried looking at other places but most stores are out of stock.  The only stores I saw that had them were in places like Alaska and Canada and they required $100 in purchases before they’d even consider sending to you (shipping was free, though).

I then saw in a 1911 FB group where a guy stated he’d bought Remington R1 .45ACP double-stack mags and that the mags latched into the gun.  The mags fed ammo reliably into the handgun.

I decided to seek out that magazine type.  Again, I had a difficult time finding a place that had them in stock, but I finally found that Century Arms carries them.  I ordered two of the mags on 3/9.  It is now 3/18 and they’ve arrived at my door.

The first mag latched without issue, but the second one initially would not latch.  Ground the top of the mag’s catch hole just a tad.  It now latches.

Both fit without issue, although latching is pretty tight…this can be fixed by ordering thinner base plates (or slightly grinding the top of the catch hole on the mag).  The mags are designed for 45ACP and will hold 16 rounds of 45ACP.  I loaded one mag with 10mm and was able to load 18.

I will be visiting the range tonight or tomorrow to test feeding/functionality with both mags. I’ll test with 16 rounds as well as 18.

These mags are $9-$10 cheaper than the mags Armscor sells and they appear to be more readily available.  I’ve been trying to get mags since 1/31 and Armscor went out of stock around that time.  I could find Para mags but didn’t want to hack/cut/file a mag.  Granted, I had to grind one of the mags I bought, but it was a 10 sec grind where you wouldn’t even notice an alteration.

The base plate on the R1 mags are rather thick.  They protrude from the magwell a bit, but they can be changed to something less thick (or they can be ignored for shooting purposes).

OEM magazine
OEM magazine
R1 magazine
R1 magazine

As of 3/9, Century Arms had them in stock.  I’m not sure if they’re still showing as in stock but if you need 1911A2 mags for your RIA, Century Arms is currently the place to visit.

UPDATE (3/19/2021):  I took off the base plate on the OEM mag to see if it’ll fit on the R1 mags.  It does.  So, if you buy the R1 mags, you can buy OEM base plates from Armscor and fit them on the R1 mags.

UPDATE (12/21/2021): Century Arms has stopped carrying the Remington R1 double-stack mags.  🙁

California Freedom Week magazines

CA Man Charged With Buying “High Capacity” Magazines

Sourced from ABC30.com:

Freedom Week used as defense for South Valley man facing gun magazine charges.



Pheng Yang purchased standard capacity magazines when a judge ruled last year that the CA law banning magazines with a higher capacity than 10 rounds was unconstitutional.  The ruling lasted a week before it was reversed, but this time frame allowed CA citizens to purchase standard capacity mags during that span of time (called Freedom Week).  

The ruling (also the reversing) judge stated that the law could not be enforced against those who bought standard capacity magazines during Freedom Week.  

The judge’s statement will now be tested, as Pheng’s brother is a felon and a parole search was issued, which meant that Pheng’s home had to be searched.  Deputies found the magazines during the search.  Felony charges were filed against Pheng.

AK-47 AMD-63 Arsenal Bulgaria gunmagwarehouse.com magazines steel

I’ve Some Bulgarian Surplus AK-47 Mags Coming My Way

I ordered 5 x AK-47 magazines from Gunmagwarehouse.com this past Thursday.  They will arrive sometime Monday.  These are Bulgarian mags with the typical ribbed look.  They’re made of steel and are 30-round mags with a polymer follower (I’m not bothered by that).  They’ve good reviews.  I ordered these to replace the Croatian mags that my AMD-63 seems to hate.

I still have not shot the SAM7UF nor tested the Croatian mags on that particular rifle.  That’s coming soon.  I do believe the SAM7 will accept the Croatian mags, though, as I stuck a loaded mag into the firearm and the rifle chambered a round without issue (something the AMD-63 won’t do with those mags).

UPDATE:  I was finally able to order some snap caps in 7.62×39 (they are plastic, though, and are already chipping and cracking).  I ordered five of them.  I tested the Croatian mags with them since I didn’t really want to test by chambering live rounds in my house.  All four of the Croatian mags will properly mount in all my AKs but the PSA AK-P.  The non-PSA AKs will actually strip the snap caps from three of the mags and chamber the fake rounds.  One mag has issues where none of the AKs will feed rounds from it (note that I did not test that mag in the SAM7 – I tested it in the AMD-63).

AK-47 AMD-63 canted front sight Croatia Cube+ magazines Polaroid

Range Visit on 2/19 – took the AMD-63 again

Range Notes:

Shot 52 rounds (1 hour session).  40 of these were PPU ammo from the last range visit.  The last 12 were the new RAS 7.62×39 ammo I recently bought.

There were no malfunctions.

I tried to use the Croatian mags again, thinking that they may work if they had less ammo, so I put in 5 rounds.  It would not strip ammo from the mag with this rifle.  These mags will be for the SAM7 only, I guess.  A pity…they look nice and have are BHO.

I spent the whole hour range session chasing the bullseye.  I found that if I put the target out further (40 yards for me, since I can’t see the target beyond that), I had a better aim.  At 25 yards, the bullets drop, even if my POA is at the bullseye.  At 40, it raises near BE level.  Now, I’ve to ensure my trigger squeeze is consistent, because I think I either flinch a lot or I’m jerking the trigger, as I had a lot of flyers to the lower left.

I also think my front sight is canted to the left.  I saw footage from the new camera.  I saw the spine of the rifle and the front sight looked off.  I’ll ask questions  on the forums and maybe see about finding a gunsmith that can straighten it.

I’ll take the SAM7 out next just to see if I can hit the BE easier than the AMD-63 (note that some Arsenals DO have canted sights).

The new camera works GREAT!  I just need a bigger micro SD card, as I ran out of card space at the range today!

Oh, and the bolt carrier tail is pretty mangled.  I may have to take a file to the ragged edges.  It hasn’t hung on the rear trunion…yet.

Range footage is here:

AK-63DS AMD-63 Croatia feed issues Hungarian jam magazines steel

Recent AMD-63 Range Visits and Issues with Croation Magazines

For brevity, below are my range notes from today’s range visit.  I also visited last week:

Had issues today.  The new Croatian mags will not work in the AK-63D/AMD-63.  They will not feed ammo into the firearm.  At all.  Two of them won’t strip ammo from the mag and two jammed when trying.  Luckily, I had one of the Atlantic Firearms mags with me (they are new also)…it fed and fired without a hitch, so I had to use this one mag during my session, stripping out ammo from the non-functional mags and reloading that ammo into the functional mag.  It took a bit of time and I only had an hour (range was packed, too).

When I got home, I tried to see if the SAM7 would load ammo from the Croatian mags.  It would.  It seems the AK-63D/AMD-63 does not like the Croatian mags, even after I fixed them so that they’d latch into the mag well (before that, they wouldn’t even latch).
The firearm never got hot because I only fired 49 rounds from it.

I also had to readjust the front sight because I was hitting very low.  To raise the POI, I had to lower the front sight post.

I’m hitting low left still, which indicates I’m flinching.
The fired brass is dinged at the opening lip on a lot of the spent cases.  As well, there’s brass dings on the outside of the ejection port.

Need to open up the firearm to check to see how the bolt carrier tang is.  Also need to check the front trunnion and bolt for wear.

Also, I experienced some trigger slap…stings a bit.

Additionally, I shot the last mag standing up.  I was able to put the majority of the 15 rounds in the middle of the paper (there were two flyers).  I think if I keep practicing shooting while standing, I can get the hang of it, if I lean forward and keep the stock planted deep in my shoulder pocket.

I may need to get a new rear sight…this one is difficult to see, which affects front/rear sight alignment.  It’s difficult for me to hit where I’m aiming if I can’t properly align the sights.

There’s 171 rounds through the AMD-63 now.  I brought close to 200 rounds with me but only fired 49 due to magazine issues (mentioned above in the range notes).  Plus, I only had an hour to work with and the range was crowded tonight.  Will try again tomorrow (and not use the Croatian mags when I do).

Some pics of the rifle’s internals:

I’ve an BG-AK lower handgrip coming (these are back in stock as of now).  This was on my wish list.  I also have a Zhukov stock on my list, as well as a rail that would fit where the rear sight resides (for the SAM7UF).

I also have 1000 rounds of Red Army Standard FMJBT on the way (lead core).

I’ll post again after my next range visit (which may be tomorrow).

AK 63 Arsenal Atlantic Firearms magazines SAM7UF

Steel Mags From Atlantic Firearms

I bought a 4-pack of 30-round steel mags from Atlantic Firearms a few days ago.  They arrived today.  They were filthy but thoroughly protected from rust and corrosion.

I cleaned them.  I actually took them apart and soaked them in dish soap (Dawn) and hot water, then scrubbed them, then let them air dry.  I then gave them a coat of oil and put them back together.

All four fit in my SAM7 (they fit very snug but not as tight as the PMAG it came with).  All four also fit in my AK63, although loosely (I don’t mind — as long as they don’t come out). 

I still have to test them at the range, though.

I’ve the other set of Croatian mags arriving tomorrow.  I’ll have to scrub them down as well, but I may save that for this weekend.  I’ll test fit them to the SAM7 tomorrow, though.  I hear these mags can be problematic when it comes to fitment.  We’ll see.  If they are, I’ll just file them a bit.

AK-47 AK-63DS AMD-63 Arsenal magazines Magpul SAM7UF SAM7UF-85 Tapco

I’m Attempting to Expand My Knowledge of the Arsenal SAM 7-UF

So, I’ve been not only looking at SAM7UF reviews online, but doing things such as swapping mags between my AK-63DS and SAM7UF.

I’ve 6 Tapco mags that came with the AK-63DS.  The Arsenal came with one Magpul (Gen 1, I think).  The SAM7UF will not take the Tapcos.  The AK-63DS will take the Magpul without issue.

Most people talk crap about the Tapcos, mainly because of issues like this, but this really isn’t an issue with Tapcos.  It’s an issue with the Arsenal.  Why is the mag well that tight?  My ratty-assed AK-63DS will take both without issue, so it’s NOT the mags, and in the AK-63DS’s case, it isn’t the gun.

If I want to take the Arsenal to the range, I’ll only have that one mag, unless I go to Cabelas and pick up a few Magpul mags.  I solved the problem by ordering 3 metal Polish mags from Atlantic Firearms and 4 metal Croatian mags from Apex Gun Parts (both groups being 30-round mags).

I also added 550 cord to both arms of the spars of the collapsible stock.

Eventually, I’ll also find some bakelites, but they’re really scarce.  In fact, it was moderately difficult to find even European metal mags.

The plan is to continue to take my AK-63DS to the range and practice with it.  I’ll use my experience with that particular gun as an AK-47 baseline of knowledge.

I also have to order more ammo, but I’ve enough for a decent start.

22TCM 38 Super 51963 9mm magazines MS Ultra RIA Rock Island Armory

Another Gun On The Way

Rock Island Armory Tac Ultra MS 9mm/22TCM

Yes, I thought I was done buying guns for awhile.

I bought another Rock Island Armory 1911, the MS Ultra (or what used to be called a Tactical MS 2011), manufacture number 51963 (Armscor link it dead, but this one works) 

UPDATE:  As of 9/12/2022, this gun isn’t available for purchase from Armscor, although you might be able to find it as a used gun or at a gun store that has old stock. The closest things to this gun that is currently on the Armscor website are items 56636 (FS), 56634 (CCO), and 56633 (CS-L) – all three of them being sold with two barrels (9mm and 22TCM9R); All three are Rock Ultras and are single stacked.  There are two Tac Ultras that shoot both 9mm and 22TCM9R – 56635 (single stacked) and 56632 (double stacked). The closest in-production RIA to my MS Tac Ultra (51963) is 56632 – that one is a MS Tac Ultra, but it is double stacked.

What’s the difference between that one and the one I currently have?  Well, the 51963 will shoot two calibers – .22TCM and 9mm (it comes with two barrels and recoil springs).  It also has an accessory rail.  The barrels also aren’t bull barrels.  Those are the only differences.

The cons of this weapon?  The only ammo maker that has this ammo type is Armscor (the maker of this gun).  Also, I’d initially thought I was locked into specific magazines for this round, as the .22TCM round is longer than a 9mm round, so I can’t use a 9mm 1911 magazine (well, I CAN, but only if I’ve the 9mm barrel installed), but I’ve found that I can use 1911 mags for .38 Super calibers…basically, that’s what the MS Ultra 22TCM/9mm 1911 uses as a magazine — 1911 .38 Super mags.

I did take the liberty of ordering 250 rounds of 22TCM via online store…it should arrive today.  I also found that there’s at least one local store that carries 22TCM.  Although they sell it for $6 more than where I found it online, I can rely upon the local store for emergencies.  I’d have ordered more 22TCM but I’m due to begin packing up for location move…I don’t think the movers will pack up ammo and I’m already going to have a car that’s heavy with weapons…I’d prefer not to be carrying a ton of ammo too.  Once I’ve finalized the relocation, I can then stockpile ammo.

I can’t wait to shoot this gun, but I may wait until tomorrow so that I can clean the gun first.  The gun has already arrived at the FFL and I’m awaiting them to call me for pickup, but I can’t go until Fedex delivers that ammo I ordered, otherwise I’ll miss the delivery.


Fedex waited until 7PM to deliver the ammo.  They also dropped it off on the front doorstep and barely knocked on the door.  If I’d have known they’d do that, I’d have picked up the weapon without worrying about missing the ammo shipment.  The FFL was open until 8PM and I didn’t get there until 7:10.  I inspected the weapon and bought another 100 rounds of ammo (that’s the second source of .22TCM ammo that’s local to me, @ $25 a 50-round box).  It took me 10 minutes to do the paperwork and another 5 minutes of waiting to see if the background check was good (it always is, and always takes 5 minutes).  I was home before 7:30PM.

The gun is NICE.  The slide to frame tolerance is quite a bit tighter than my Tactical II RIA, at least from looking at the rear of where the slide meets the frame.  With the Tactical II, I can actually see a bit of daylight in some cases, but my Metro Arms is tight…just not as tight as this TCM.

The differences between this gun and my Tactical II is:

  • The slide has a flat area down the top of the slide.
  • The slide serrations on the TCM are larger and are canted forward.
  • The TCM comes with a railed dust cover.
  • The TCM comes with two barrels and recoil springs (9mm and 22TCM).
  • The TCM is easier to take down (it breaks down in the traditional 1911 manner — has a barrel bushing).
  • The magazine follower is a bit different in shape, to allow for usage of both 9mm and 22TCM ammo.

I haven’t been to the range yet.  Today is Friday…I’ve no reason to not go to the range and test this gun tonight.

CA statutes firearms handguns magazine limits magazines off-roster

CA and Off-Roster Guns

I want to quickly discuss the validity of owning off-roster guns in CA.

Please reference http://wiki.calgunsfoundation.org/Moving_to_California_with_firearms#Handguns, as it is the frame of reference I’ll be using.  People moving to CA with off-roster only have to ensure they’re compliant with:  http://oag.ca.gov/firearms/ab991 and http://oag.ca.gov/firearms/pubfaqs#25 (Pen. code, §§ 17000, subd. (a), 27560 pretty much covers it, statute-wise).

Can you own off-roster guns?  Yes.  On-roster guns apply to retail sale only.  Many people bought off-roster guns with the SSE option, which expired Jan 1, 2015.  People also bring off-roster guns into the state when switching states of residency, which is also legal and is stated in the CA penal code.  CA residents can also have immediate family that are not CA residents transfer guns to them (as gifts)…that includes off-roster guns.

Yes, magazines with round counts greater than 10 are illegal.  That does not make the gun itself illegal, though.  If you’re in CA and need, for example, a new mag but the maker only sells 15-round mags, you’d need to find an FFL that is licensed to have 10+ round mags…many such FFLs have the capability to limit 10+ round mags to 10-rounders.  Or, Glock and Springfield Armory sell 10 round versions of their mags…many gun makers do.  As well, CA isn’t the only state to limit magazine round counts.  I bought both my XD 9 Mod.2 and Glock 19 Gen 4 (both off-roster guns) for the express purpose of bringing them to CA while knowing that they’re not available for retail sale within CA’s borders.  I also bought them because they came with 10-round mags out-of-the-box.

Why am I discussing this?  I’ve people commenting on my videos that I’m sharing misinformation.  Those same people won’t back up what they’re saying or even point out the bits of misinformation they say I’m sharing.  Some are not paying attention to what’s being said in the video.  Some are confused about their state’s own laws, especially as it pertains to people moving into CA from another state.  I’ve no problem accepting fault if I’m spreading misinformation, but I’ve found out that in all cases, I’m not wrong.  Before claiming that I’m wrong, be sure I’m wrong by doing your own research…don’t listen to other  people that might be wrong.  Reference the CA statutes then come back to me with the reference that shows that I’m wrong.  I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen, since the majority of YT commenters are either young or are only going by what they were told (ie, being spoon-fed information from people that don’t know what they’re talking about instead of learning the information from the CA government).

While I’m no firearms guru, I know just enough to keep myself out of trouble.  Trust me when I say that there are people with Glock Gen 4 models (which are ALL off-roster) and XD 9 Mod.2s (which is also off-roster), that are located in CA.  The guns are sold to them with 10-round mags, FROM THE FACTORY.  For example, my XD9 came with 10-round mags…no, the mags weren’t altered at a gun shop.  SA sells 10-round mags and 9mm versions for the Mod.2 are here and here;  Glock 19 factory 10-round mags are listed here, but I wasn’t able to locate ANY mags on Glock’s website.  There’s also this.  The guns are legal…it’s just a matter of how you obtained them.  If you’re currently a CA resident, the only way to get firearms not approved by CA DOJ is via PPT, which means “private party transfer”, meaning, the gun is already owned by a CA resident and is being transferred to another CA resident.  Those handguns were either grandfathered (bought before the current laws) or were bought in by non-residents who decided to move to CA.  Note that there was also an SSE exemption awhile back but SSE is no longer an option, although you may find gun shops in CA that were bought when SSE was an option.  The CA DOJ approval list doesn’t apply to incoming residents…they can bring whatever they have, as long as their guns aren’t assault weapons (there’s a separate criteria for those type of guns) and as long as the magazines have a 10-round maximum capacity.  This isn’t rocket science and I’m surprised I have to explain this to CA residents.  4/5ths of my guns are off-roster…do you honestly think I didn’t research this before spending that much money (in such a short period)??

CA people…read your statutes…don’t just read them, read them while trying to understand the intent of the statutes.  If you’ve questions, ask them on calguns.net, but most questions have already been answered, so search calguns.net to find your answers, or, better yet, just learn how to read the CA statutes.  I will not link or post up the statutes for you (although I did post them up in my XD 9 video, within the video description).  If you need to know their location and read them, google it like I did.