1911 AIWB appendix holster

The Tenicor Certum 3 has arrived!

I may need to fine-tune the position placement, but the Certum 3 appears to wear better than the Velo 4. I’m not sure if that’s a fair thing to say, because the Certum does offer a lot more adjustment than the Velo. I have it canted maybe 10-15 degrees to the left, and have it at the 1 o’clock position on the right side, carrying appendix of course. I’m not able to cant the Velo 4 in that fashion (it may be possibe if one clip is removed).

I also installed the largest camming bar, which helps a ton. Tenicor should rework the Velo 4 to have the same camming bar (and not the integrated camming bar).

There’s still a hot spot with this holster, though. The muzzle of the shell is pressing down into my pelvis badly. I’ll be cutting another yoga wedge (a small one, just to negate the pressure of the shell’s muzzle).

I’m already quite happy with this holster. It appears to be more stealthy, as I’m just casually wearing while at home and it’s not as noticeable as when I’m wearing the 1911 in the Velo 4.

I’ll maybe capture some video footage to show how well both work with my 1911 and body type.

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I’ve Bought A Tenicor Certum Kydex Holster ! It’s OTW !

Yeah, I’ve a Tenicor Certum v3 on the way.

The Velo v4 isn’t agreeing with me. I’ve messed with it maybe 3 weeks, moving it around each time and waiting a few days to acclimatize to it. I’ve even tried adding additional wedging to it (for me, I need a bit more wedging but not necessarily as much peakiness – the integrated wedge feels too “sharp”. I used a piece of sculpted yoga bar as a wedge. It’s

I’m a bit greedy and don’t want to return the Velo just yet, but still want to experiment with the Certum, so I ordered it. I can always resell the Velo later on, if needed.

I’m certain I’ll have to add a wedge to the Certum as well, but at least it will be easier to add a wedge than with the Velo. And, if need be, I can always use the Certum as a base for the Phlster Enigma, if/when I decide to go that route.

1911 appendix holster

Daughter Bought Me A Tenicor Velo 4 Holster !

So, my wish was granted. My daughter bought me a Tenicor Velo 4 for Christmas and presented it to me maybe 4-5 days before Christmas!

I tried carrying with with it.

It will NOT carry center-appendix, as it appears to be built more with 1-2 o’clock in mind (I’ve the right-side holster). The wedge is oddly placed for my body type (I’m 5’7″, 185 lb, medium build with 29-30″ in-step, a tad thick in the waist @ 32 inches). Keep in mind that I’m trying to carry the RIA MS 1911, which is 4.25″ in barrel length and has a full-sized grip.

The wedge is problematic, as it doesn’t sit well in the leg/pelvic crease and is peaky, so creates a hot spot for me. I need a bit more wedge but need it wider and not peaky.

The holster also has minimal ride adjustability and no cant adjustability.

At this point, the Crossbreed The Reckoning holster I bought carries a LOT better (I’ve customized it a bit).

I almost told my daughter to return it and to get the Certum instead, but wanted to give the Velo 4 a fair chance first.

I decided to try carrying it a bit more, moving it around to try to find a sweet spot (which I did for the Crossbreed as well – I carry that centerline appendix).

After a few days of trying, I still couldn’t carry it well.

I decided to try a custom wedge via the yoga block method. I bought a yoga foam block and cut out a decent sized rectangle. I then began whittling the rectangle into a wedge, hollowing out a pit for the holster’s integrated wedge to sit. The most difficult part of this process was hollowing out an area to fit the integrate wedge, as I had to ensure it was smoothed out in that area so that the velcro (loop side) would stick in that area. Another difficult part was sticking velcro to the holster itself.

It ended up being a large foam block of wedge to velcro to the holster. Initially, after test-carrying, it was too big, so I removed it from the holster and whittled it down to a smaller shape.

I carried it today during a 5 hour drive.

It wore well the whole drive. There were several instances of me getting in/out of the car, walking around, visiting the men’s room, and pumping gas.

It wears a LOT better than without the foam.

I will probably still try the Certum as another great appendix option (that one should carry just as well and also offer far more adjustability in ride height and cant, while also giving the option of strong side carry.

Pics are here.

Oh, and my wife bought me 200 rounds of 9mm Inceptor ARX self defense ammo – my mother bought me 50 rounds of the same ammo, too!

Note: I don’t entertain the notion that Inceptor ARX is gimmick ammo. I’m aware that some folks think that this ammo performs poorly in gel tests, but I’ve also seen great gel test results. There’s also this.

I’d been looking for 9mm Inceptor ARX for a while but could never find it in stock. I found a stash at Midway, and it was on sale too – I added it to my Elfster Christmas wishlist. Between my wife and my mother, they must’ve bought the whole supply I found, because Midway is now out of stock.

1911 AIWB appendix concealed carry holster

Crossbreed Holster – The “Upgrade” Clips are Polymer!

So, I ordered the 5-hole belt clips for the Crossbreed holster I recently bought.

The package arrived yesterday. When I opened it, I was disappointed. They’re plastic. The original clips are metal.

On the left is the original clip (metal); on the right is the 5-hole clip cost extra ($10) – it is plastic.

Crossbreed is all over the place with this holster.

I’d complained in an earlier post that they should include some type of wedge system. Yeah, it’s a hybrid holster, but it needs something to help with grip tuck (something more than just the claw).

I now believe that the claw that they have should stick out more, as well.

I also believe they should include 5-hole clips with every holster – why nickel and dime folks to death with pricing of parts that are actually needed to dial in the holster? An appendix holster that has no adjustability of ride height or cant is a bad holster, in my opinion.

And on top of all the above, and I posted about this a few days ago, the shell for the Commander-sized 1911 is not deep enough; they have 4″ 1911s listed as an option, but that’s a non-standard size as far as Commanders go. The standard sizes for 1911s are 5″, 4.25″, and 3.5″, not 4″ and 3″. I had to cut the muzzle portion from the shell just to get the gun’s trigger inside the shell.

I pretty confident that I’m not going to continue using this holster. I just waiting for the chance to get a Tenicor, then this one will be sold or go into my box of unused junk holsters.

1911 AIWB appendix concealed carry gun belt holster

I Added A Wedge to My Crossbreed Hybrid Holster

I was able to rig up a wedge to the Crossbreed The Reckoning holster.

I used heel gels (ala Dr. Scholls) and velcro.

I carried using the holster most of the day. It’s a HUGE improvement! The pelvic hot spot is no longer a hot spot.

At first I thought I needed more wedge, but I’ll play around with the holster height – I can affort to raise it a bit so that the muzzle is not right above my junk (remember though, this is a Commander-sized 1911 I’m trying to appendix-carry).

Once I get the 5-hole clips, I’ll have better cant and height adjustment.

Every day, I feel that I’m getting this thing dialed in a bit better. The thing is, this holster isn’t exactly cheap. I shouldn’t have to be tweaking things like this. IMO, ALL AIWB holsters need to include a wedge (possibly adjustable). Yeah, I realize that each body is different, but if I’m going to spend $100+ for a holster, it needs to be better configurable. Another thing: Crossbreed should be including 5-hole clips with these, as the holsters are marketed as AIWB-capable. They already included the claw – why the claw and not also a wedge and 5-hole clips??

Pics of the holster (on and off the body):

This will give approximately 1/4″ of leverage and pushes the grip into the stomach, helping with less printing of the grip. And yeah, the leather is already wearing (and this photo is zoomed-in).
Secured with velcro. Velcro is stuck to clear packing tape (sticks better this way than directly to the leather).
This protruds out a bit, purposely – I wanted a good buffer since this area is a strong pressure point.
How it looks now.
This is pre-wedge install.
This right here is what counts! This is MUCH better than the above picture – less printing!
AIWB appendix gun belt IWB

New Holster and EDC Belt

I posted here that I’d purchased a new holster.

Because I’m trying appendix carry (with a 4.25″ 1911), I needed a new belt, as the traditional belt (with buckle) doesn’t work well with appendix carry.

I bought a Wolf Tactical Heavy Duty Simple EDC belt from Amazon. I’ve tested it’s fit and it wears well! I like it a lot, so far but really, all it has to do is not be in the way when I carry this 1911 appendix-style.

How’s the Crossbreed “The Reckoning” holster? Eh, it’s OK.

I ran into one issue where the damned gun wouldn’t fit into the kydex shell. The mould is wrong for this shell, as ended up cutting a bit of kydex off where the muzzle rests – the shell has a muzzle stop, but it ends up stopping the gun from fully seating into the holster; the trigger is exposed. Once I cut off the muzzle stop, I was able to properly seat the firearm.

I didn’t want to return the holster because it’s December and I didn’t know when I’d have received the proper holster. Cutting the kydex a bit didn’t bother me. I do recommend that anyone that wants to try this holster and needs to carry an Officer or Commander 1911 should probably buy the holster for the 5″ gun, otherwise you’re going to run into fitment issues.

Another thing I wish this holster had was height and cant adjustment. I’ll look at their website to see if they’ve adjustable clips. UPDATE: I just looked on their website and they have 3-hole versions of the clips that I have, for $3.75 each. I might be able to use clips from other holster makers, too. would be nice to have more than 4+ hole adjustments.

Also, this holster has a claw, which helps a LOT, but I also needs a wedge. I need the gun pushed into my body a bit more than it is, as the gun’s grip is poking out and printing. I suppose I could add a wedge to it.

Mirror shot #1, concealed
Mirror shot, unconcealed
Mirror shot, close up, unconcealed
From above, notice how the grip sticks out – a wedge would probably fix this issue.
Mirror shot, zoomed out a bit
From the right side
From center-right
From 3:30 – 4 o’clock
1-2 o’clock
Directly from the front
Mirror shot #2, concealed

I’ll report/share more as I learn more about appendix carry, but it looks like I may need a wedge (it’s digging into my lower abdomen pretty good, too).

UPDATE – see post wedge installation photos here.

appendix artery Bearing Arms carry Concealed Nation condition one condition three deceased femoral holstering negligent shooting

Man Dies Attempting Appendix Carry Reholster – Bearing Arms

A 22-year-old Milwaukee man accidentally shot himself in the femoral artery around 11:00 PM Friday evening while attempting to reholster a pistol. Despite the best efforts of the local hospital trauma units, Timothy Phonisay did not survive his wounds.

Read more @

This is a reminder to not be complacent when you’re handling firearms, no matter how tacticool you think you are.

Some things to ponder, after reading about the incident at Bearing Arms and Concealed Nation:

1.  Many are assuming that the deceased had his finger on the trigger.  If you read the article, it doesn’t state that he was at fault for that.  Regardless, we know that guns do not go off by themselves (although there’s the potential if the gun is dropped)…he either had his finger on the trigger or something snagged the trigger.

2.  The assumption is that, due to the wound’s location, he was carrying appendix style.  That assumption is highly likely.  Do you really need to carry at your appendix?  Some people think that appendix carry is their only option due to body type (tall, lanky, skinny).  I’d rather print with hip carry than chance a femoral artery gunshot wound.  That’s just my opinion, though.

3.  I saw a lot of berating of the deceased.  Many are calling him “dumb”.  We don’t have enough facts to make such judgments.  Besides that, you’d think the firearms community would show a bit of sympathy, because this could be any one of us, experienced or newly initiated.  We’re supposed to be comrades, no?

4.  The deceased was apparently taking selfies of himself with his gun.  Maybe he was so intent on getting a good picture that he wasn’t paying attention to safety.  The lesson here would be to not fragment your attention when handling a gun.

5.  The article states that he was using a Springfield Armory.  The author noted that he more than likely had an XD, but I don’t understand how that assumption was made.  Yes, XDs are popular, but I don’t think they’re so popular that there’s, for example, an 80% chance of a Springfield owner owning an XD. Hell, Springfield Armory sells a lot of 1911s, too.

6.  The article states that he was bleeding heavily from his lungs.  Conspiracy theorists are already getting uptight.  While I’m no doctor, they did state that there were only two areas of injury (I’m assuming it was an entrance and exit wound), in the groin area.  I’m not sure why the article mentioned the blood in his lungs. Maybe the projectile bounced around a bit in his body?

7.  Some are using this tragic happening as a reason to carry in condition 3 (mag in the gun but no round chambered).  I’m not sure this is a strong argument, as guns don’t go off by themselves…he either accidentally actuated the trigger or something snagged the trigger while he was trying to holster the gun.

8.  Lastly, if the deceased had holstered SLOWLY, and only after checking around the holster for anything that could snag the trigger, he might still be alive.  As well, if the guy’s weapon was an XD, those guns have grip safeties…most people don’t realize that when you’re gripping the gun (properly), you’ve disabled the grip saftety, which allows the trigger to be actuated.  Holstering such guns with the maximum amount of safety would mean that you’d have to holster the gun without grabbing the grip and disabling the grip safety.  The same applies to 1911s (in case he was carrying a Springfield 1911 when the mishap occurred).

This guy’s life was tragically ended.  It reminds me to always have the utmost of respect for these weapons and to train with them so that certain actions become automatic…it doesn’t hurt to slow down to evaluate what you’re doing in your routine — those are the times you might be doing something wrong or dangerous, but you won’t know it because you’ve become compacent.