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Negligent Folks with Guns when Watching YouTube Videos

I thought I’d share something I saw today.

When I was viewing YouTube videos, I saw something rather disturbing .  A guy was capturing video footage of his new guy, a Rock Island Armory 1911 10mm.  The guy cleared his weapon, but had his finger within the trigger guard and the finger looked to be bent around the trigger.  He’d removed the magazine but hadn’t yet cleared out the chambered round…his finger was resting on the trigger for quite awhile.  I immediately stopped watching the video…it was that disturbing.

EDIT:  The original video is here — https://youtu.be/VLcFmNV4ZHw?t=30s

UPDATE (12/14/2023): The above-linked video is no longer available. I’m glad I recorded it (below).

I went to the video’s comments section to see if anyone else complained to see if anyone else noticed.  Someone had and was tactful in mentioning it.

The author blew it off:

It is so sad that someone takes crucial criticism so casually.  What he said was, he has enough trigger control to not negligently discharge the gun, even with his finger resting on the trigger while fumbling around with the gun (as well, 1911 triggers are sensitive as hell).  I mean, I pointed it out with the cursor in the above video…it doesn’t get any more plain than that.  He was rather condescending in his reply.  This fool is either going to injure/kill himself, or even worse, he’s going to end up killing some innocent bystander.