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CA and Off-Roster Guns

I want to quickly discuss the validity of owning off-roster guns in CA.

Please reference http://wiki.calgunsfoundation.org/Moving_to_California_with_firearms#Handguns, as it is the frame of reference I’ll be using.  People moving to CA with off-roster only have to ensure they’re compliant with:  http://oag.ca.gov/firearms/ab991 and http://oag.ca.gov/firearms/pubfaqs#25 (Pen. code, ยงยง 17000, subd. (a), 27560 pretty much covers it, statute-wise).

Can you own off-roster guns?  Yes.  On-roster guns apply to retail sale only.  Many people bought off-roster guns with the SSE option, which expired Jan 1, 2015.  People also bring off-roster guns into the state when switching states of residency, which is also legal and is stated in the CA penal code.  CA residents can also have immediate family that are not CA residents transfer guns to them (as gifts)…that includes off-roster guns.

Yes, magazines with round counts greater than 10 are illegal.  That does not make the gun itself illegal, though.  If you’re in CA and need, for example, a new mag but the maker only sells 15-round mags, you’d need to find an FFL that is licensed to have 10+ round mags…many such FFLs have the capability to limit 10+ round mags to 10-rounders.  Or, Glock and Springfield Armory sell 10 round versions of their mags…many gun makers do.  As well, CA isn’t the only state to limit magazine round counts.  I bought both my XD 9 Mod.2 and Glock 19 Gen 4 (both off-roster guns) for the express purpose of bringing them to CA while knowing that they’re not available for retail sale within CA’s borders.  I also bought them because they came with 10-round mags out-of-the-box.

Why am I discussing this?  I’ve people commenting on my videos that I’m sharing misinformation.  Those same people won’t back up what they’re saying or even point out the bits of misinformation they say I’m sharing.  Some are not paying attention to what’s being said in the video.  Some are confused about their state’s own laws, especially as it pertains to people moving into CA from another state.  I’ve no problem accepting fault if I’m spreading misinformation, but I’ve found out that in all cases, I’m not wrong.  Before claiming that I’m wrong, be sure I’m wrong by doing your own research…don’t listen to other  people that might be wrong.  Reference the CA statutes then come back to me with the reference that shows that I’m wrong.  I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen, since the majority of YT commenters are either young or are only going by what they were told (ie, being spoon-fed information from people that don’t know what they’re talking about instead of learning the information from the CA government).

While I’m no firearms guru, I know just enough to keep myself out of trouble.  Trust me when I say that there are people with Glock Gen 4 models (which are ALL off-roster) and XD 9 Mod.2s (which is also off-roster), that are located in CA.  The guns are sold to them with 10-round mags, FROM THE FACTORY.  For example, my XD9 came with 10-round mags…no, the mags weren’t altered at a gun shop.  SA sells 10-round mags and 9mm versions for the Mod.2 are here and here;  Glock 19 factory 10-round mags are listed here, but I wasn’t able to locate ANY mags on Glock’s website.  There’s also this.  The guns are legal…it’s just a matter of how you obtained them.  If you’re currently a CA resident, the only way to get firearms not approved by CA DOJ is via PPT, which means “private party transfer”, meaning, the gun is already owned by a CA resident and is being transferred to another CA resident.  Those handguns were either grandfathered (bought before the current laws) or were bought in by non-residents who decided to move to CA.  Note that there was also an SSE exemption awhile back but SSE is no longer an option, although you may find gun shops in CA that were bought when SSE was an option.  The CA DOJ approval list doesn’t apply to incoming residents…they can bring whatever they have, as long as their guns aren’t assault weapons (there’s a separate criteria for those type of guns) and as long as the magazines have a 10-round maximum capacity.  This isn’t rocket science and I’m surprised I have to explain this to CA residents.  4/5ths of my guns are off-roster…do you honestly think I didn’t research this before spending that much money (in such a short period)??

CA people…read your statutes…don’t just read them, read them while trying to understand the intent of the statutes.  If you’ve questions, ask them on calguns.net, but most questions have already been answered, so search calguns.net to find your answers, or, better yet, just learn how to read the CA statutes.  I will not link or post up the statutes for you (although I did post them up in my XD 9 video, within the video description).  If you need to know their location and read them, google it like I did.