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Gov. McAuliffe’s gun control efforts for Virginia die in Senate committee


None of the proposed gun control measures made any sense, especially the re-enactment of the “only one gun a month” measure…do criminals follow such regulation?  And, what does one gun purchase per month have to do with gun crime?  All it takes is ONE gun to commit a crime…you don’t have to purchase one to use in a crime, either…you can steal or buy one via the black market.  Illegal gun sellers don’t care about gun regulations, otherwise they wouldn’t be selling guns illegally.

There was even a measure for background checks when purchasing guns at gun show — there is already a requirement for background checks when you purchase a gun, no matter where you purchase from.

The measure of revoking of concealed-handgun permits for parents who are behind on child-support payments…WTH does being behind on child support have to do with concealed carry permits??

There was really no logic applied to any of those proposals.