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Canik SA TP9 TP9SA Triune Triune Shooting Sports

Bought – Canik TP9SA

A few things:

  • This is the TP9SA.
  • Bought it locally ($369) at a place called Triune Shooting Sports.  Was in and out within half an hour, I think.  Staff was professional and moved with purpose…I did not have to beg them to see the gun.
  • No, it isn’t the FDE I wanted.  I’ll see if I can get the TP9v2 in FDE or OD Green. UPDATE:  Black and FDE are the only colors offered for this particular model of Canik.
  • There are two variants of the TP9 SA:  9mm and .40 caliber.  This is the 9mm version. The .40 cal version hasn’t yet reached the U.S.
  • The trigger is NICE, with a NICE audible and tactile reset!
  • The slide racks back nicely…there’s a very smooth, mechanical feel to it that’s different than my SP2022.
  • It comes with two 18-round mags.  I need 2-3 more.  UPDATE: since I now have two of these Caniks, I have 4 mags.
  • The fit is great.  The finish is good (not great).  This is a duty-type of gun, though…if you want great fit/finish, get a $1000 gun instead.
  • The sights are contrast sights, not night sights.  I’m OK with that, since night sights would jack up the pricing.
  • The grip and stipling is very good…not aggressive but not lacking.
  • The gun wasn’t dirty out of the case like my SP2022 was.  I cleaned it anyways, to get rid of the packing grease and get it lubed up with CLP and TW25B grease.
  • If you don’t like the decocker, don’t use it.  There’s one guy on YouTube that removed his (WTH?).  The main reason for having the decocker is that you can use it to disable the striker before tearing down the gun…no need to pull the trigger.  I imagine this was also a cost-saving measure…they use the same slide mechanics as the TP9 so that they wouldn’t have to develop a whole new slide just for the TP9SA.
  • I’ll visit the range tonight so that I can begin the break-in process.

Update (4/11/2015):  I got this back in Feb but I don’t think I posted about it —