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1911 bull barrel disassembly recoil rod reverse plug RIA Rock Island Armory spring

1911 How-To: How to use the slide to disassemble the recoil rod assembly on a bull-barreled 1911

I show where I damaged a reverse plug on a bull-barreled 1911.  I’ve replaced the reverse plug with a new one that is a revised part (the replacement part has what appears to be a barrel cradle).  

I also show how to use the slide to disassemble the recoil rod assembly.  I know most folks use their hands but I feel for them if they’re using their hands to disassemble a RR assembly from a 10mm.  I can barely use my fingers when doing it to my 9mm.  I got this procedure from sootch00 (specifically his SR1911 10mm video).

Used my old Go Pro Hero 4 Silver, which I thought had died…turns out, the SD card was bad and the camera was fine

1911 bull barrel paper clip Rock Island Armory Sootch00 youtube

Got a Rock Island Armory 1911 and Hate Using Paper Clips?

If you hate using a paper clip to break down your bull-barreled Rock Island Armory 1911, then this video might be of assistance to you.

My 9mm Tactical II (non-railed 9mm 1911) is bull-barreled and requires a paper clip when field stripping the gun (per the operator manual).  My 22TCM Ultra does not, and it comes with a 9mm barrel (not a bull barrel, though).

I’ve not tried the method in the video yet, but using the paper clip isn’t a huge deal for me.