concealed carry license non-resident renewal Utah

I Renewed (first time) My Utah Non-Resident Conceal Carrry License

I renewed my Utah non-resident concealed carry license during 2020 Christmas break, sometime between Christmas day and New Year’s day.

This is the first time I’ve renewed that license.  It is super-easy.  I went to a web link that they provided, took a picture of myself (passport quality), then submitted the web form and picture.

Less than 10 days later, I received the new card in the mail.  I was actually surprised at the quickness of the whole process.  Submitting it was easy, as well.  I almost let it lapse because I thought I’d have to submit fingerprints and be forced to create a paper trail.  

The most difficult part was getting the training and initial card.  While I didn’t explain the whole process of obtaining the credentials (I should’ve), I did create a blog entry back in December of 2015.