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9mm handgun pistol RFID Sentry SmartGunz

Review of the SmartGunz RFID-Enabled 9mm Sentry Pistol

The highlights of this article is that this is supposedly a “smart” gun.  It uses RFID mounted within an included glove to recognize the proper owner of the firearm.  Without such recognition, the handgun can’t be used.

The firearm appears to be a modified 1911.

The firearm also requires the user to wear a fingerless glove (that’s part of the RFID process – a chip is apparently inside the glove).

In addition to the firearm requiring the use of the glove, it also requires the user to depress a switch on the firearm for it to fire.

The firearm is projected to cost $2,495 — YIKE$$$.

So, I guess you’ll either have to sleep with the glove on to use this pistol in a defensive manner as a home defense gun, otherwise, you’d have to hurriedly don the glove when you need to use the firearm.

If you’re to use it to carry (concealed or otherwise), it would require you to wear that glove throughout your day, otherwise the firearm would be useless.

As well, having to depress a switch to shoot a handgun (when you already have the RFID as an enabler)…WTF??

There’s a lot wrong with this handgun.  What’s it supposed to prevent that can be prevented with any current non-smart handgun while also using common sense?  Keep them away from kids and lock them up when not in use (to prevent theft).

I wonder what goes through a LEO’s mind when reading of this handgun.  It’s supposed to appeal to the police organizations.

Apparently this handgun supposedly “Protects you and your loved ones from firearm abuse, accidental firings, and suicide attempts”.

Let’s break that statement down by applying some rational questions to it.

How does this gun protect you and your loved one from firearms abuse any better than a traditional firearm?  While it may lessen negligent (not accidental)  firings, it may also get you killed because it’s useless without the glove and thieves and burglars won’t wait for you to put on the RFID glove so that you can defend yourself.

How does this firearm prevent or lessen suicide attempts???  WTAF…someone wanting to commit suicide with this gun just needs to put on the glove and actuate the button that enables firing – it will do absolutely nothing to prevent the owner from intentionally using it.  Owners of traditional handguns keep them locked up to prevent others from handling the gun (or, they’re liable after the fact of misuse).

The showstopper is the $2500+ price tag, though.  That’s top tier 1911 money.  Does it shoot like a $2500 1911?  Almost certainly not.  What happens when the glove wears out?  What happens when some of that circuitry glitches?  Is the circuitry going to get gummed up with lubricant over time?  I’m sure I can come up with more questions as I sit and think of use cases for this particular firearm.

Bottom line is, if you’re intimidated by firearms and have a Liberal mindset, this gun is for you!  I’ll pass.