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In the past, I frequented the r/AK47 page, but there are a few things that are hardcore turnoffs regarding r/AK47.

First, the elitism is heavy on that page. You’ll see folks focusing on trash-talking domestic AKs. They’re tracking US-made AK pattern rifles in a document, highlighting each reported issue. I don’t have an issue with tracking in this fashion, if it’s tracked across all makes. If ALL issues aren’t being tracked, then that’s 100% bias.

I say this because I’ve noticed issues being reported by Zastava owners, yet that make’s issues aren’t being tracked. As well, I’ve seen quite a few issues with WASRs and those issues also go unreported. I’m not the only person noticing the bias. Folks ask about the bias all the time, but their questions are ignored.

Secondly, it’s all frat-boy attitude at r/AK47. If you’ve an issue and asking for help, you’ll get assistance but you’ll have to wait for folks to stop laughing at your issue or your questions/concerns. And if you’ve a US-made AK and are asking for assistance, you’ll be ridiculed to death before someone comes along that’s willing to assist (those folks will more than likely own the same gun). Even simple questions that a new person might ask get laughed at. It’s probably best to not mention that it’s a US-made gun unless it’s absolutely necessary.

To be honest, it’s the same at the AK Files forum, too. That doesn’t excuse the behavior, though.

So, if you own an AK and have questions, you should develop thick skin before asking at r/AK47 and AK Files. Or, search through old posts and send folks that had similar issues a private message in Reddit (or in the case of AK Files, a forum private message).