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Beretta grip Hogue PX4 rubber

I’ve Installed Hogue Handall Slip-on Rubber Grip Onto Beretta PX4

Back in April, I bought and installed Hogue rubber slip-on grips for my Beretta PX4.  That handgun is rather slick from the factory and no, I don’t have the Concealed Carry version of the PX4 and don’t really care for grip tape or Talon Grips.

The PX4 Compact is thick!  I sometimes have problems ignoring the handgun when I’m carrying it (concealed).  I didn’t really want to use a slip-on grip that would make it thicker, but I do like finger grooves, so I picked the grooved one.  If I didn’t like it, I’d try to exchange it for a non-grooved one.

Installing it was a bit of a pain, as the grip doesn’t stretch well (which is good once it is installed).  The grip makes the handgun feel EXCELLENT.  The con is that it does make the gun feel thicker, but the grip is still not going to be in the waistband, so there’s that.