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Just a note that some/many image links may be broken

Just a note that some/many image links may be broken.

I lost a whole blog (sti.wigglit.com/wordpress) and lost my backups as well, due to bad backup practices (a lesson was learned).  Many of my images were hosted on the server that hosted the blog.

I did a quick perusal of the images and fixed the ones I saw that are broken (rendered images).  Any URLs that point to images have not been checked, though.  You can help out by letting me know if you see any that aren’t working.  đź™‚

UPDATE:  I re-added the firearms image directory structure, although the naming conventions have probably changed.  I also added a picture dump (1 gig in images) of unsorted pictures.

basics cardinal rules firearms gun safety

Changing the Rules: Revisiting the Basics of Safe Gun Handling — USCCA


You know the rules. They are: 1. Treat every gun as if it is loaded. 2. Never point your firearm at something you are not willing to destroy. 3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you have made a decision to shoot. 4. Know your target and beyond.

So, do you agree with all those rules? Do they make sense in every situation?

I learned recently of differing definitions that more clearly relate safe gun handling techniques to the tasks of personal defense than do those four cardinal rules. While attending a class at the Sig Sauer Academy, my eyes were opened to the difference between safe gun handling and “range rules.”

I read the article and I totally agree with everything that was mentioned.  The rules, although considered “cardinal” are taken too literally.  It’s not a problem with the rules, but a problem with how they’re understood.  For example, if you watch some people check to see that a weapon is clear, you’ll see many rack the slides 10 times (in a row)  when it’s only necessary to do this once.  As well, some people stick their finger in the chamber to check if a round is there…really???  Simply looking is enough…there’s no need to feel for something that you’d normally see (and a slide catch letting go on a finger can cause injury).  If you don’t see it, it isn’t there.  We’re not talking about weapons with chambers so deep you can’t see ammo that might be chambered.

This one is a pretty good read.  It is good suggestive reading material, IMO.

American Classic Commander Metro Arms MS Ultra Rock Island Armory tactical

My 1911s – Possible Upgrades

I’d not done any comparisons between my 1911s, so I decided to look at them (against each other) last week.  

I found that my Metro Arms Commander lacks a magazine well.  I also found that both of my Rock Island Armory 1911s have plastic mainspring housings.

Magazine wells and metal mainspring housings aren’t essential but they do heighten the ownership experience.  Up until I read that tactical RIAs had plastic mainspring housings, I didn’t know and it didn’t bother me.  Having a magazine well helps in inserting magazines and I hadn’t noticed the lack of the well, since I have less than 100 rounds through my American Classic…still, I did not notice that it lacked a mag well when I last shot it.

So, I’m probably going to buy a blued mag well for the American Classic and two mainspring housings for both of my tactical RIA 1911s…just for the hell of it.