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Negligent Folks with Guns when Watching YouTube Videos

I thought I’d share something I saw today.

When I was viewing YouTube videos, I saw something rather disturbing .  A guy was capturing video footage of his new guy, a Rock Island Armory 1911 10mm.  The guy cleared his weapon, but had his finger within the trigger guard and the finger looked to be bent around the trigger.  He’d removed the magazine but hadn’t yet cleared out the chambered round…his finger was resting on the trigger for quite awhile.  I immediately stopped watching the video…it was that disturbing.

EDIT:  The original video is here — https://youtu.be/VLcFmNV4ZHw?t=30s

UPDATE (12/14/2023): The above-linked video is no longer available. I’m glad I recorded it (below).

I went to the video’s comments section to see if anyone else complained to see if anyone else noticed.  Someone had and was tactful in mentioning it.

The author blew it off:

It is so sad that someone takes crucial criticism so casually.  What he said was, he has enough trigger control to not negligently discharge the gun, even with his finger resting on the trigger while fumbling around with the gun (as well, 1911 triggers are sensitive as hell).  I mean, I pointed it out with the cursor in the above video…it doesn’t get any more plain than that.  He was rather condescending in his reply.  This fool is either going to injure/kill himself, or even worse, he’s going to end up killing some innocent bystander.

Canik Century Arms Sootch00 TP9 V2 TP9v2 VSO Gun Channel

Canik TP9v2 – Another Extensive Review!

More Canik TP9v2 goodness, from the VSO Gun Channel!


sootch00 just published a review of the TP9v2 as well!

carry CCW commandments concealed Massad Ayoob open

Massad Ayoob’s 10 Commandments Of Concealed Carry

I saw a pretty good rundown of “laws” that people who carry should ingrain in their heads (even those who carry openly).  I’ll refrain from copying/pasting the article, but it is located here:


It is a good read…trust me.  Much of it is common sense, but it is solid advice.

CAI Canik Century Arms TP9v2

CAI Facebook Post on the TP9v2

Look at this!

Now shipping TP9v2’s!
Posted by Century Arms on Monday, July 13, 2015

Well, they aren’t telling me anything I haven’t already published in recent postings of this particular gun, but the fact that they’re advertising it is pretty cool (I didn’t see them doing that with the other TP-9s).

Oh, and here’s another video of the gun, this one by Hank Strange (and quite a bit longer than James Yeager’s).

anchor carry CNN firearms self defense shooting

Former CNN Anchor After Self-Defense Shooting: “If you don’t want to carry please don’t. Then, shut the f— up about it.”

Excerpted from a recent NRA ILA newsletter:

Last week we shared the harrowing story of former CNN Headline News anchor Lynne Russell and husband Chuck de Caro, who exercised their right to armed self-defense to stop a gun-wielding robber who forced his way into their Albuquerque, N.M. motel room.  Espousing a straightforward logic that even gun control supporters should be able to grasp, Russell stated, “If you don’t want to carry please don’t. Then, shut the f–k up about it. Make your own decisions.”  Both Russell and de Caro are Right-to-Carry permit holders, and in an interview with Fox News following the shooting Russell had some choice words for anyone that would deprive them of the right to bear arms.

Espousing a straightforward logic that even gun control supporters should be able to grasp, Russell stated, “If you don’t want to carry please don’t. Then, shut the f–k up about it. Make your own decisions.”

Makes sense to me!

Read more here.

firearms forums James Yeager online firearms personality TheYankeeMarshall TP-9 TYM

So, You Don’t Like A Particular Firearms Online Reviewer?

Every once in awhile when conversing a particular gun or accessory that might be highlighted in a YouTube review or article, I get the following or sometime similar:

“James Yeager SUCKS!  Please quit sharing his content!”

Please realize that it’s easier for you to filter (mentally or physically) the things you don’t like about the firearms industry than for you to personally inform me of your distaste…I’m not going to cater my thoughts, forum banter, or blog content to every individual that’s displeased with some online firearms entity.  Why should I care what you think about him/her?  I’m only trying to share information about a particular product and many times (especially if a product isn’t popular or if it’s new), there will only be one online reviewer posting about it.  When I share the data with others and they don’t particularly like the reviewer, either move along or vent elsewhere…hammering me about your loyalties (or lack of) isn’t going to get me to remove or alter my content.

I posted in a forum that a revised DA/SA TP-9 was just released to the public and one person asked for an information source.  There is only one source of information thus far, review-wise, and that’s James Yeager.  The video isn’t really a review…it’s more of a notice that a review is coming and that they’ve a gun on-hand to review.  Wouldn’t you know…several guys got bent about the fact that it happened to be Yeager that provided video coverage of the gun.  They shared their displeasure by attempting to share out that I didn’t know what I was doing and that by linking his videos, I was hurting the firearms community.

My response was that no matter who it might be, people always complain.  I’m not going to try to make everyone happy by trying to appease them when they make such trivial complaints.  If you don’t like reviewer X, that’s YOUR problem, not mine.  Forums have ignore features.  If you don’t like what you see and I’m not violating a forum’s terms of usage, then you should use the ignore feature…if you don’t and you become irrate, I’ll use it on you.

I never think like I know more than people who make their living selling guns or firearms training, the only exception would probably be TheYankeeMarshall…that guy is a total tool, as he give bad reviews on guns he’s never touched/shot, which makes him less than credible on the whole, IMO.  And while I can’t stand TYM, I never try to force my opinion of him down someone else’s throat.  You might think James Yeager has no firearms knowledge, and to be honest, I don’t really like the guy personally, but I do agree with a lot of the knowledge he shares about certain firearms or his logic on self defense.  That’s me taking what I want from him while not caring for his personality traits.

As an individual, I’d prefer choosing on my own what knowledge is good for me and what knowledge I consider to be junk.  I don’t need anyone trying to decide for me…I’m no sheep.  If I need help deciphering or deciding on a particular issue, THEN I’ll ask for forum input.  Unsolicited “advice” that turns into rants?  You can keep it to yourself.  If you don’t like a particular person, what’s it worth to me?  Nothing…such things do not add value to discussions.  I take what I can from most online firearms personalities, even if I don’t like their demeanor.  Another thing:  if someone is judging these reviewers, what’s the criteria in deciding who sucks and who doesn’t?  Who says I have to agree?  Does it matter if I agree when I’m trying to get a point across that doesn’t relate to that particular person?  Most of those things are highly subjective…each person will look at things differently but I refuse to play the groupie and hunt down other opposing groups.  I’m an outlier…I group to no one.

When I state these thoughts, it’s certainly not to be dickish.  If you share your opinions, be prepared for me to share mine, and if it doesn’t agree with yours, don’t get bent.  We’re all sharing a passion for firearms…it’s stupid to let such trivial things get between us, especially when continuing to struggle in ensuring our 2A rights aren’t eroding.


Canik TP9v2 Now On The Market!

I knew awhile back that Canik was supposed to be revamping the original TP9 and renaming it the TP9v2.  Well, it’s out.  I discovered this while researching if the TP9SA’s sights can be replaced.

It has not yet been reviewed online (not when I looked last night on YouTube), James Yeager has a quick video of it.  I thought MAC did as well, but he was actually quick-reviewing an SF model (it has no decocker).

NOTE:  I’ve taken some unneeded heat for using Yeager as a resource.  1) I don’t care what you think 2) I’m just trying to share information on the gun…no one else had footage or spoke extensively about the gun at the time of my post.  I’m not a Yeager groupie, but if you don’t like Yeager, that’s your problem.  My post is about the gun, not about Yeager specifically.

I’m seeing the gun listed between $308 and $380, which was roughly what the SA model was selling for 6 or so months ago.

The gun is essentially a TP9 with the TP9SA’s frame.  The gun is shorter (4.1 inches) than the TP9SA, though.  The difference between the TP9 and the new version is the trigger…both DA and SA modes are supposedly great!  Yes, there’s still the decocker, only now it’s used to go from SA to DA mode.  What’s cool is that it’s confirmed that the TP9SA and TP9v2 can share magazines…that’s a huge plus.

I find myself intrigued, but I already have two Canik TP9SAs (one black and one tan).  I’ve already mentioned that I could sell one of them to fund another gun.  Then again, the gun is so cheaply priced, I could probably get by without selling a gun to purchase a v2.  I can also wait, as Canik is supposed to be releasing compact models too.  They also have .40Cal versions but I’m not sure if they’re exporting them to the U.S.

I’ll be paying attention to the upcoming reviews, especially since James Yeager thinks the v2’s trigger modes are excellent.

2A carry concealed carry firearms training

Some 2A Food For Thought

I posted the following yesterday to my friends and family on Facebook:

Yes, folks, I carry. I’m carrying 70% of the time I’m not showering, not sleeping, or not on the work campus. Do I care that others don’t know that I carry? No…that’s not what the 2nd Amendment is about. The 2A doesn’t say that I’ve the right to bear arms as long as other people know I’m carrying and that they’re comfortable with it. Why do I carry? Because I choose to. Basically, I’ve the constitutional right to carry. There’s nothing conditional about it. I do not have to let other citizens know. Yes, open carry is an option (it’s legal here), but not for me…why would I let potential bad guys know that I’m their first priority?

Those that see me occasionally…I was probably carrying when you last saw me. You probably never knew. You probably felt comfortable then. Will you feel as comfortable the next time we meet, now that you know? I hope so, because I wasn’t a nut then and I’m not a nut now.

Why advertise that I carry? You all already know I own guns…I’ve been posting pictures and articles the last 9 months. I’ve been a gun lover since 1986, when I enlisted. That’s the total of my adult life. You’re also my friends, which is why you’re seeing this now. The assumption is that you already suspected that I carry, so it’s not a big deal for me to keep this a secret amongst a certain group of people. Some people hide such facts. I don’t.

Again, this isn’t a big deal for me. YMMV.

Where’s this coming from? An opinion on 2A from someone that doesn’t exercise the right.

I got the reply, which I agree with:

Now more than ever, it’s an option that every law abiding American should exercise.

Someone then replied to him with the following:

I know enough law abiding Americans who are generally a danger to themselves and others to appreciate that not everyone should have a gun.

What does someone say to that?  Well, the same can be said of anything. Some people have no business driving, for example, yet they’re never noticed until they’ve been in several nasty accidents.  And, when this happens (it happens a LOT with chronic drunks driving home), is there overwhelming support to ban people from having easy access to cars?  Nope.

As with anything, some people either require more training than others or need to not do that particular activity. The slope becomes slippery when additional criteria is added to basic rights…the rights are no longer really rights. The system doesn’t need to be tweaked every time someone gets emotional about an issue that, on the whole, isn’t all that much of a problem.  If someone becomes problematic, deal with that particular person, not the whole group.

In VA, you’re required to pass a basic firearms handling course before you can carry concealed…if people still are considered to be a danger to themselves and others even after meeting the state requirements, then what do you do? Limiting the population as a whole isn’t a good answer, especially if those types of people are outliers.  Until that person accidentally kills himself or someone else, there’s really nothing you can do.  Regulating a whole population because a few are inept is bad, and there’s nothing that can be preemptively done that won’t affect the people that are carrying properly.

2A 2nd Amendment national reciprocacy

So You Want National Reciprocacy…

Many people are welcoming national reciprocacy when it comes to firearms regulations.  What’s my take on this?

Right now, I’m only concerned with my current state of residence (VA).  I don’t travel out of state all that much and when I do, it’s almost certainly NC that I visit.  VA and NC currently have reciprocacy.  This works for me.

I know that tracking reciprocacy across the nation is a big headache.  I’m sure I’d doubly think so if I had to travel through multiple states while carrying.  Is national reciprocacy the answer, though?

I don’t think it is.  Why?  Because the current administration is hostile to gun ownership.  The last thing we need as collective gun owners is to give them the authority to change the current regulations…that will give them the legitimacy to do anything they want.  Currently, they do not have the authority to change 2A at the state level and if they’re hostile to the idea and we give them the authority to apply reciprocay at the national level, what do you think is going to eventually happen?  No, it might not happen immediately, but it will eventually happen.  The US government almost ALWAYS takes and never gives.  Once they have the authority and are allowed to create national reciprocacy, and once they start to change things that people don’t agree with, it will be too late to reverse things.

In my opinion, it’s better to deal with what we currently have in place than to allow them to change things or give us what we want but include something hidden that will give us problems later.  It’s in every government’s nature to control as much as possible…why give them more control over something we’ve had difficulty in gaining in the past?

I’m no alarmist but I’m not stupid, either.  Never give up what was hard-earned.  Giving the government control over something that’s a right is stupid.

UPDATE:  Here’s a related link on 2A reciprocacy.

15 2075 380 AR-556 Bersa Canik CZ Glock M&P Plus RAMI BD Ruger S&W Shark Shark C T-100 T100 Thunder Tristar

New Wishlist

I’m probably not going to get any new guns any time soon…I’m still OK with what I currently have.

I do wonder if I should try to sell a couple since I’m no longer going to California and no longer have the need to be able to bring non-attainable guns with me to that state.  I currently have two Canik TP9SAs, for example…I only really need one.  The plan was to bring two and possibly sell one of them to a CA resident since those are not on the CA DOJ roster.  As well, I’ve two Rock Island Armory 1911s that shoot 9mm ammo…I really only need one, although I can keep one of them to modify/paint.  I’ve even thought about selling my Sig Sauer SP2022 and even my P220…of the two, the P220 has more ‘keep’ potential, although it won’t hurt to keep both of the (I’ve the space).

Some guns I’m thinking about buying next are:

CZ 2075 RAMI BD in 9mm

UPDATE (7/20/2014):  I’m adding the Tristar T-100 to the list.  It is a CZ75 clone and resembles a Baby Desert Eagle (itself a CZ clone).  They are 9mm DA/SA hammer-fired handguns.  There’s also the Canik Shark C, which is identical to the Tristar T-100.  The two colors I’m interested in are the platinum and black, but I only want one of the two:

sootch00 has a good review of the T-100 here:

UPDATE (1/22/2016):  I changed my mind about the Bersa Thunder Pro Ultra Compact.  I have also changed my mind about the RIA rifle and the S&W E-Series 1911…I no longer want any of them.  I do want a Bersa Thunder 380 Plus (or Combat model).  A Glock 22 Gen 3 (used) is also desirable, as well as a Grand Power P1 (mk7 is preferable, to cut costs).  Oh, and a long gun is pretty much mandatory:  I’ll considering either a Ruger AR-556 or a S&W M&P 15 Sport (the Ruger would be the better buy for the same amount of money, though).

To be honest, not a lot is jumping out at me and I should really start thinking about taking a few self defense courses and focus on trying to sharpen my shooting skills.