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AK-V PSA range visit

PSA AK-V MOE – First Range Visit!

I had fun today!  I ended up shooting 199 rounds from the AK-V.  In an hour.  I had 100 rounds of Wolf 115-gr FMJ and Winchester White Box 115-gr FMJ.

I started out at 10 yards, then went to 25, then to 20, then focused on 15 yards.  I had no issue staying on the paper while out to 25 and when I moved to 20 (to better see where I was shooting), I ate the bulls-eye up!  This pistol is easy to shoot.  It has very little recoil and you can shoot it fast with ease.

I did have 4 FTEs, though, with one mag.  It was the CZ Scorpion mag that I believe is the issue.  It’s spring is very stiff, to the point that my finger is sore from loading it.  I think it may break in.  We’ll see.  It wasn’t related to ammo because it did it with both brands of ammo.  As well, the bolt didn’t hold open several times.  There was also a time where one round didn’t want to feed and was jammed into the chamber.  When I tried to get the bolt to hold open so I could get the round out, it slammed shut, forcing the round into the chamber.  When I tried to eject the round, I couldn’t get the bolt open, but the trigger was live so I fired it out.  The casing came out but I didn’t see where it went (so I could look at it).  It did this a second time as well, but I was able to get the round out.

I have range footage but my camera wasn’t positioned well (I couldn’t preview the footage to ensure proper framing).

Hopefully, I can get better range footage next time.

CZ Scorpion EVO mags Manticore Arms PGS Prepper Gun Shop

Manticore Arms CZ Scorpion EVO mags for the AK-V!

While I was waiting form my PSA AK-V to ship, I decided to order two Manticore Arms CZ Scorpion EVO mags from Prepper Gun Shop.  They were $20 each.  I didn’t want to order PSA mags because I’d forgotten to order them with the firearm and they were taking a long time to ship the gun.

These are the clear mags that are made for Prepper Gun Shop to sell.

They are very nice.  Whereas the PSA mags are 35-round, these Manticore mags hold 32 rounds.  The PSA mags have plastic feed lips that are metal-reinforced.  The Manticore mags’ feed lips are all metal.  PSA mags have a soft rubber base plate.  The Manticore mags do not.

The Manticore mag springs are stiff as hell.  It took awhile to load the mags…they were that stiff.  The PSA mag spring wasn’t anywhere near as stiff and loaded easily.  We’ll see if the CZ mags will break-in, otherwise I may have to get two PSA mags to replace them.

I also had to wear leather gloves when loading them because the metal feed lips are sharp!  I might have to take a file to them to lessen the sharpness of them.

I meant to go to the range today but ran out of time.  I’ll try again tomorrow (Sunday).


Something is on the way!

I had been spending a good bit of time researching my next rifle purchase. 

I was looking for a 9mm AK variant (but was also considering a Grand Power Stribog).  I wanted a pistol caliber rifle, preferably short-barreled.

I had the following list:

  • Century Arms NAK9X
  • Century Arms NAK9
  • Palmetto State Armory AK-V

The Stribog was on the list but dropped it after a process of elimination.

I’d also struck the AK-V off the list because it was, 1) never available, 2) when it was available, it was a high dollar variant, and 3) compared to the NAK9 and NAK9X, it was expensive.

Last night I was looking at NAK9s and I wanted one with a brace already on it.  That raised the price by ~$120.  For a few more dollars more, I could’ve gotten a fully-optioned 9X.  So I nixed the NAK9.

I found a NAK9X that had a great price (no tax and no CC fee).  I had it bookmarked (on Gunbroker.com).

Then I checked PSA’s page as a last minute check before committing to the NAK9X.  They had an AK-V for $799.  While that was a quite a high price for me, I decided to get it anyways.  Why?  I can make it match my AK-P by ordering the red wood furniture later, it has a lifetime warranty, and it doesn’t have that cheesy plastic magwell that the NAK9 and 9X have.  Full price for the firearm was $864.99.  That does not include transfer fees at my end (it will be another $32).  I balked at the $900 AK-V’s price but I’m close to that now.  Granted, the $900 AK-V would be close to $1K when all the fees were added.

This is the one I purchased:  PSA AK-V 9mm MOE SBA3 Pistol, Black – 5165450169

This WILL be my last firearm for a while (the next 12 months at least). My wife might flip, but I did let her know that with the anti-gunners on a rampage, I wanted some guns that might be banned from purchase in the near future.

UPDATE – 10/16/2019:  The AK-V will ship tomorrow (it has a UPS tracking slip and number but UPS hasn’t picked it up yet.  It’s two day shipping so it may not even get here until Monday.  The FFL will probably call me on Monday to arrange for me to get it on Tuesday.  I’ve no idea why PSA waited 8-9 days to ship.  They said they were very busy with orders but they still took my damned money.  I do NOT like spending that kind of money and waiting for them decide to ship…that’s hokey as hell and that’s one reason why I don’t buy from Bud’s Gunshop anymore.  This will be the last time I buy from PSA.  As well, I bought two 32-round CZ Scorpion mags for this pistol (they will fit).  I’ll discuss them more in an upcoming video.

UPDATE – 10/21/2019:  The AK-V was delivered around noon time at the FFL.  I’m awaiting their call.

UPDATE – 10/24/2019:  Video coming soon!

AK-P Cube+ fail Polaroid PSA

First Range Visit With The AK-P

First things first, the AK-P is NOT a good firearm for indoor shooting.  It was seriously loud.

My range notes are below:

  • First time shooting a pistol in 7.62×39.
  • Oh man.  The bang is LOUD and BRIGHT (my range is an indoor range).
  • I shot 3 different types of mags (two metal imports and one 10-round Magpul).  There were no issues.
  • The gun got hot but was still manageable.  I shot all the rounds standing up, but I did change my grip from handguard to mag (mag grip was better).
  • I recorded but the footage was corrupt when I got home and checked it.  🙁  WTF Polaroid…this isn’t the first time this has happened.  All the more reason to visit the range again soon.
  • I should think about shooting this outside.  It is super loud (I’m not exaggerating).  I’ve no doubt it was pissing off the guys next to me.
  • I was mainly hitting upper left (I usually hit low left), but was hitting bulls-eye at the beginning…I think I got fatigued toward the end of the 1-hour session.
  • All ammo was RSA FMJBT 7.62×39.
  • Also, note that I didn’t zero the firearm, but it shot well enough (I hit the bulls-eye several times when firing the first mag).

What ticked me off was the camera not working.  That’s inexcusable, IMO.  It recorded but the footage corrupted.  I may need to get something that’s more dependable.

I plan to go again tomorrow in an attempt to capture footage again.