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California Freedom Week magazines

CA Man Charged With Buying “High Capacity” Magazines

Sourced from ABC30.com:

Freedom Week used as defense for South Valley man facing gun magazine charges.



Pheng Yang purchased standard capacity magazines when a judge ruled last year that the CA law banning magazines with a higher capacity than 10 rounds was unconstitutional.  The ruling lasted a week before it was reversed, but this time frame allowed CA citizens to purchase standard capacity mags during that span of time (called Freedom Week).  

The ruling (also the reversing) judge stated that the law could not be enforced against those who bought standard capacity magazines during Freedom Week.  

The judge’s statement will now be tested, as Pheng’s brother is a felon and a parole search was issued, which meant that Pheng’s home had to be searched.  Deputies found the magazines during the search.  Felony charges were filed against Pheng.



Testing using dlvrit.com.

Testing worked!  🙂
Dummy Rounds snap caps Vector Suppliers

All Snap Caps Are NOT Created Equal

You’d think that all snap caps are created equal.


I bought some plastic snap caps called Dummy Rounds from Amazon maybe a month ago.  I had no snap caps in 7.62×39 and wanted to test out some Croatian mags that I thought were misfeeding.  I bought the Dummy Rounds (5 rounds).

Well, while they served their purpose (I was able to test the Croatian mags with them), they are NOT durable.  I racked all 5 rounds through 4 of those mags, and ran each mag through two firearms (an AK rifle and an AK pistol).  These rounds are chipped at the back, where the extractor normally latches onto the back lip of the cartridge.  We’re talking big chips.

If you’re going to buy plastic snap caps, at least ensure they’re metal where the extractor makes contact with them.

I ended up buying another set (of 5) from Vector Suppliers.  These are metal with rubber where the primer would be (to lessen firing pin wear/damage).  I haven’t used them yet but I’m almost certain they’ll be better than the plastic ones.

AK-V brake Bulgarian Faux muzzle PSA

I Bought A Faux Bulgarian 3-Pc Muzzle Device For The AK-V

I bought another modification for my AK-V.

I noticed that there’s a lot of carbon and copper jacket on the then-installed brake that was originally on the AK-V.  The carbon is normal.  The copper jacket is somewhat of an anomaly, though.  The jacket comes off the bullet due to excessive velocity.  9mm was primarily designed to be shot from handguns.  When shot from a rifle, due to longer barrels, muzzle velocity is high enough to where the copper jacket sheds as it’s exiting the barrel.  That copper spatters against the brake.  I’ve 570 rounds through the AK-V, which is enough to where I’m starting to see some build-up.  Cleaning it will be a pain.

I researched for alternatives and was about to put an AR-15 bird cage on the AK-V (I’d have had to drilled a larger diameter bore through it, or found one for 9mm).  I did find some others and was about to make the purchase when I saw that the PSA website had the Faux Bulgarian 4-piece muzzle brake back in stock.  They always sell out of them.

Now, this pistol doesn’t really need such a muzzle brake since the 9mm round isn’t throwing flash everywhere when the pistol is fired.  It’s not a 4-piece brake.  It’s only one piece and it’s more of a megaphone in internal shape.  I wanted it mainly because I didn’t want to have to clean out copper splatter.  There’s nothing to clean with this muzzle device…there are no nooks/cranies.  It’s more of a show piece than anything, as it does look good.

Glock 22 Hogue P220 PX4 Storm Talon Grips

Making up for lost time…

What have I been doing while quarantined?

Well,  I bought Hogue rubber grips (with finger grooves) for my PX4 Storm Compact.  I’ve been carrying that gun the last 6 weeks, non-stop.  I’m not sure why I moved from the XD45 to the PX4, but when I was going through the safe and checking to ensure the firearms weren’t in need of oil, I noticed (again) that the PX4’s grip is rather slick.

I researched online to see what others were using to enhance the grip of this gun.  I didn’t want to use Talon Grips, because that involves adhesive.  I have Talon Grips on my Glock 22 and it was a pain to ensure they were in the correct spot (and then I had to heat up the tape to ensure they stuck).

I have Hogue grips on my Sig P220.  I like the way they feel (I like that slightly tacky rubbery feel), so I decided to go with Hogue again.

These grips work very well for this handgun but one con is that they make the grip thicker in girth than it already is (it’s thick enough without adding anything).  They feel very good, though.  They were also a bit difficult to install, as the rubber is stiff (it is recommended to use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat up the rubber, which makes the rubber more pliable – I didn’t use either).

I bought some other toys for other firearms as well, but I’ll post about those separately.