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r/AK47 Reddit Page

In the past, I frequented the r/AK47 page, but there are a few things that are hardcore turnoffs regarding r/AK47.

First, the elitism is heavy on that page. You’ll see folks focusing on trash-talking domestic AKs. They’re tracking US-made AK pattern rifles in a document, highlighting each reported issue. I don’t have an issue with tracking in this fashion, if it’s tracked across all makes. If ALL issues aren’t being tracked, then that’s 100% bias.

I say this because I’ve noticed issues being reported by Zastava owners, yet that make’s issues aren’t being tracked. As well, I’ve seen quite a few issues with WASRs and those issues also go unreported. I’m not the only person noticing the bias. Folks ask about the bias all the time, but their questions are ignored.

Secondly, it’s all frat-boy attitude at r/AK47. If you’ve an issue and asking for help, you’ll get assistance but you’ll have to wait for folks to stop laughing at your issue or your questions/concerns. And if you’ve a US-made AK and are asking for assistance, you’ll be ridiculed to death before someone comes along that’s willing to assist (those folks will more than likely own the same gun). Even simple questions that a new person might ask get laughed at. It’s probably best to not mention that it’s a US-made gun unless it’s absolutely necessary.

To be honest, it’s the same at the AK Files forum, too. That doesn’t excuse the behavior, though.

So, if you own an AK and have questions, you should develop thick skin before asking at r/AK47 and AK Files. Or, search through old posts and send folks that had similar issues a private message in Reddit (or in the case of AK Files, a forum private message).

action camera Cube+ Polaroid

The Polaroid Cube+ Action Camera – Update and Final Review

I posted about action cameras awhile back, as I think they make viable training aids – you can record yourself while you train and then watch your footage at a later time to critique yourself.

During the month of February 2019, I bought a Polaroid Cube+ action camera as a replacement for my Mobuis action camera that died.

The Cube+ died today. I hadn’t been using it all that much the past year, because I hated that when I used it with it’s associated phone app, it would never show what the camera was seeing when I was recording. This is key, since I need to be able to see that I’m properly framing the object I’m recording. I thought that I’d get more than 3 years of use from it.

Well, the camera didn’t die but it may as well have died. The internal battery died. The battery isn’t made to be readily replaceable. Also, as I conducted research, I found that several folks experienced the same issue with new cameras, out of the box, and when they requested replacements, the replacements had the same issue. At least with the Mobius, you could swap out a dead battery for a new one, but with the Cube+, the battery connections are soldered into place. I’m all about saving a few bucks but not when it comes to such a cheap product. The Cube+ is also end of life.

It’s a pity, as this camera wasn’t all that bad. It was small enough to throw into a range bag, small enough to forget that it was attached to your head, and simple to operate. Cons are, again, the integrated nature of the battery, as well as spotty support and questionably useful phone app.

This is the second time I’ve lost a camera because it’s battery was non-removable.

So, I’m in the market for a new camera. Yes, I’m still primarily using my GoPro Hero 4 Silver as a range camera, but I want a second camera as backup. I will no longer purchase cameras with non-removable batteries.

I also still have my Astak CM-7500 action camera, but batteries are becoming difficult to find for that camera and it’s features aren’t as good as my Hero 4’s features. The batteries I have are struggling to hold a decent charge and one is starting to swell. I ordered two new ones but really had to hunt for them, as many places no longer stock them.

I do not want to purchase a new GoPro, as they’re too expensive for what I need. Not that I didn’t consider it, but after researching, even a no-longer-supported refurbished GoPro Hero 7 on Amazon.com is well over $200. I also noticed that they’ve stopped making their Cube-like camera, probably due to batteries not being able to be replaced by the owner.

My next camera will be a cheap but good Chinese brand. I’m not afraid of buying foreign products, as they all have their place…the more, the better, as that’s what drives competition.

I’m currently looking at the SJCam SJ8K, as it has many similar features to the GoPro cameras, and I’m not looking to spend over $150.

I’ll post when I’ve decided and received the action camera, whatever brand it may be.

1911 1911A1 45ACP 9mm American Classic Commander Metro Arms RIA Rock Island Armory

New YouTube Video – 1911 Range Day!

I tried a new format in this video, using my GoPro hat-clip. What I didnt’ account for was the volume isn’t crisp, as the hat-clip requires usage of the GoPro case, which is apparently covering the camera’s mic. 🙁

There were issues with the Metro Arms 1911. I’ve been suspecting as much the past 1-2 years, but my handgun experience is expanding and I’m confident to say that this handgun has issues with it’s sights. I’ll be looking into obtaining a new set of sights for this handgun (I wouldn’t mind having the sights that are on my RIA Tac Ultra installed on this handgun).

Also, I finally installed the 9mm barrel into my RIA Tac Ultra (I have always shot it with the 22TCM barrel installed). I shot 140 rounds of 9mm from the gun. The gun now has a total of 746 rounds through it. It’s my third most-fired handgun (the Grand Power P11 and Bersa Thunder Plus are 1st and 2nd).

There were some fails to feed when firing the Tac Ultra, but the feed issues only occurred with the OEM mags. I’ve Wilson Combat 9mm ETM mags, which didn’t have any feed issues. I also used the 38 Super mag that came with the Tac Ultra. I also used the 9mm mag that came with my RIA Rock Ultra. The latter two mag are the mags that had inconsistent issues. The feed issues were occurring mid-mag.

Lastly, I need to research who is the new US importer for Metro Arms. Eagle Imports was the importer, but they went out of business earlier this year.