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22TCM9R Glock 19

With Difficulty, I Found and Bought A Glock 19 22TCM9R Conversion Kit!

I was perusing Armscor’s website, looking for nothing in particular, which I do from time to time when I’m bored. At one point in time, I was considering purchasing the 22TCM9R conversion kit for the Glock 19, but I could never find it in stock (I’d usually check at the Armscor website and on Gunbroker).

When I checked tonight, they had them in stock, so I ordered a kit!

The kit consists of a recoil spring assembly with an adapter ring for use with the Gen 4 Glock 19, and the barrel.

There are two kit versions:

  • Old Version – will include Glock 19 Gen 4 adapter ring.
  • New Version – will NOT include Glock 19 Gen 4 adapter ring.

I’ve the Gen 4 Glock, so I ordered the old version of the kit. They’re currently priced at $142, which is a LOT cheaper than I last saw, almost certainly due to the fact that the previous kits included a slide.

So, I’ll be reviewing this conversion kit in the near future!

1911 Canik handguns

Annual Gun Buy is Almost Here!

It’s almost time for my annual bonus. Every year, I get 1-2 firearms.

Shot Show 2023 exhibited a lot of promising guns this year!

Rock Island Armory (RIA) has released two new firearms – the BBR 3.10 1911 in 9mm and the LI380.

The BBR 3.10 still looks as if the grip was an afterthought. I’m not sure I’d like this gun even as a range toy. Yeah, the gun should be more manageable in 9mm (versus the 45ACP of the original 1911). This gun looks good but isn’t for me.

The LI380 is almost certainly a rebadged (or licensed copy) of the Bersa Thunder 380. I already have one of those, a Plus model.

I frequent the r/1911 subreddit group. Someone asked about a particular 1911 and posted a picture of the Fusion Firearms 1911 Riptide Carry. It is a Commander-sized (4.25″) 1911 that is bob-tailed and chambered in 10mm, 45ACP, or 9mm. It is blued with nice wood grip panels. It is made by a gunsmith that used to work at Dan Wesson. The gun goes for $800-$900. It looks NICE. I’m considering this gun in 9mm.

I’m also looking at the newly press-released Canik Mete MC9, which is a micro-compact polymer handgun that is very similar but smaller than the TP9 Elite SC. It usese the same mags as all of the other Canik handguns. I’m definitely getting this firearm, as it’s MSRP is $439 and I can use my Elite SC mags with it.

There’s also the Springfield Armory Prodigy DS, which is not only a double-stacked 1911, but is a legit 2011 (the grip being modular, which is typical of all 2011s). If I obtain this firearm, it will be the version that comes with the Hex Dragonfly optic. This firearm is in the $1500 range.

There’s also the EAA/Girsan 2311, a new 2011 offering and this handgun starts at $999! It is optics-ready, is a true 2011 (grip is modular), will come in 10mm, 9mm, and 45ACP, and will come in four barrel lengths. I’m leaning toward this firearm in 9mm.

There’s also the Dan Wesson TCP, which is a single stacked 1911 but is, well, a Dan Wesson. It has a rail and has a tri-topped slide. It has a gold bead front sight, too. These can be found in the $1500 range. I’m leaning towards the 9mm version of this handgun.

I’m also eyeing the Bul Armory SAS II 3.5″ Ultralight 1911, which can be found in the $1400 range.

What’s currently decided is that I’m getting the aforementioned Canik Mete MC9. I’m not sure which 1911 I’m going to get yet. It’s a toss up between the Bul Armory SAS II Ultralight, the Springfield Armory Prodigy DS with optic, the EAA/Girsan 2311, or the Dan Wesson TCP 9mm. I really really want a 2011 variant, so I suppose the Dan Wesson is out. Of the 2011 variants, the EAA will be unproven since it is their first offering, so I suppose that gun is factored out based on that fact. Of the Bul Armory and the Springfield Armory Prodigy DS, the Prodigy DS has been having reliability issues, so, I could factor out that gun from the choices, which leaves the Bul Armory as the most likely handgun of choice!

Now, if I get the Bul Armory, holsters will be problematic, as I’ve spent close to $200 on holsters for Commander-sized 2011s the past two months. Well, if I’m buying a $1500+ gun, another $100 for a good holster (Tenicor) is a drop in the bucket, IMO, so I guess I can either see if the SAS II will fit in my 4.25″ Tenicor holsters first, or just straight-up order a new one. We’ll see.

UPDATE: I’d decided on the SAS II but then started focusing on the sights – I don’t really care for them, especially since the rear sight has to be removed to use an optic. That’s a huge turn-off. I’ve also seen at least one review that complains that the SAS II UL is so light that it feels snappy. That could be a problem, as well. The Prodigy 4.25″ is better in that regard, but I’m betting the SAS II TAC doesn’t have the same aforementioned issue with the rear sight. Then I started thinking about the EAA Witness 2311 – it will come in 4 barrel lengths and is optics-ready, which means they’ll be selling a 3.5″ variant (no idea how small, but it’ll be in the 3″ range). They said all 9mm 2311s will carry 17 rounds, so I won’t be losing any ammo capacity if I go the EAA route. So, as of 1/28, I’m leaning toward the EAA Witness 2311, or Bul Armory SAS II TAC, or the Prodigy DS 4.25″.

UPDATE 2: Well, shit. There isn’t much info provided on the Witness 2311, but I looked at the press release page and saw that there’s at least two slide versions: with and without optics cuts. Also, the optics-ready version will remove the rear sight when using an optic. WTF is up with that trend? I’m at a loss on which to choose. I’ll probably wait a bit for EAA to add the Witness 2311 to their product list, since I know NOTHING about that firearm. For example, what’s it’s weight? It’s not going to be lighter than the SAS II Ultralight, that’s for sure (my guess is that it’ll weigh close to 2 lb).

UPDATE 3: While waiting for the annual bonus to be released, I’ve been conducting research on my potential choices. I continue to see complaints of the SAS II Ultralight being snappy, and since I hate snappy guns, I think I’m going to put the choice of Bul Armory aside. This sucks because recoil perception differs from person to person – I may find that I can handing the SAS II fine, but I’m not willing to risk getting one only to be disappointed. I’m now focused on the Alpha Foxtrot S15 1911 (not a true 2011-spec gun – it’s a doublestacked 1911) or the Dan Wesson TCP, in that order. Following those two choices is the Fusion Firearms Riptide C. Why did the EAA Witness 2311 get bumped down? I have yet to see anything from EAA on the gun, other than what they showed during Shot Show 2023 and the pre-release details of that gun that they released back in December. So, as of 2/12, it’s the Alpha Foxtrot S15 as the gun of choice, unless I find any information that disqualifies it, then it will be the Dan Wesson TCP in 9mm.

UPDATE 4 (LOL): I’ve just discovered that the EAA Witness 2311 will be released to consumers in April 2023. So, with that being said, the Witness is back in the hunt. I’m thinking I’ll just stay with the Alpha Foxtrot, and get the Witness next year. Or, get the Witness this year and wait for the Alpha Foxtrot next year. I could get both in one shot but if I’m going to do that, I may as well get a Staccato 2011, but I’m not buying a $2K+ handgun…I can afford it but spending that much money on any handgun is fucking ridiculous, in my opinion.

1911 AIWB appendix holster

The Tenicor Certum 3 has arrived!

I may need to fine-tune the position placement, but the Certum 3 appears to wear better than the Velo 4. I’m not sure if that’s a fair thing to say, because the Certum does offer a lot more adjustment than the Velo. I have it canted maybe 10-15 degrees to the left, and have it at the 1 o’clock position on the right side, carrying appendix of course. I’m not able to cant the Velo 4 in that fashion (it may be possibe if one clip is removed).

I also installed the largest camming bar, which helps a ton. Tenicor should rework the Velo 4 to have the same camming bar (and not the integrated camming bar).

There’s still a hot spot with this holster, though. The muzzle of the shell is pressing down into my pelvis badly. I’ll be cutting another yoga wedge (a small one, just to negate the pressure of the shell’s muzzle).

I’m already quite happy with this holster. It appears to be more stealthy, as I’m just casually wearing while at home and it’s not as noticeable as when I’m wearing the 1911 in the Velo 4.

I’ll maybe capture some video footage to show how well both work with my 1911 and body type.

appendix holster

I’ve Bought A Tenicor Certum Kydex Holster ! It’s OTW !

Yeah, I’ve a Tenicor Certum v3 on the way.

The Velo v4 isn’t agreeing with me. I’ve messed with it maybe 3 weeks, moving it around each time and waiting a few days to acclimatize to it. I’ve even tried adding additional wedging to it (for me, I need a bit more wedging but not necessarily as much peakiness – the integrated wedge feels too “sharp”. I used a piece of sculpted yoga bar as a wedge. It’s

I’m a bit greedy and don’t want to return the Velo just yet, but still want to experiment with the Certum, so I ordered it. I can always resell the Velo later on, if needed.

I’m certain I’ll have to add a wedge to the Certum as well, but at least it will be easier to add a wedge than with the Velo. And, if need be, I can always use the Certum as a base for the Phlster Enigma, if/when I decide to go that route.