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Firearms Knowledge Resources

I’ve grown tired of seeing people being ignorant when it comes to firearms, so I’ll begin to populate this page with various gun knowledge.

This will be a growing document but should not be considered all-encompassing.  I’ll be adding the things I tend to read the most in terms of what people “think” they know but actually don’t know at all.


California Knowledge Bits

The below pertains to California firearms laws.  There’s so much FUD about CA and guns that it’s ridiculous.  Note that it is upon the reader to research and determine if the below has changed.  Also, as CA continually assaults the rights of its citizens, I can’t keep track of all things related to firearms in a state I don’t have a vested interest in.  A good resource for chasing down information is calguns.net, but keep in mind that calguns.net has misinformation as well.  I will also not attempt to keep this section current…I’m trying to help people help themselves, not trying to invite pain upon myself.  The core of it shouldn’t change all that much, but what’s mentioned below may change over time (ie, the CA legislature may add new laws that further diminish the right to carry/bear arms in CA).  If anything major changes, I’ll try to update/add/remove the below.

UPDATE (9/6/2021): The CA DOJ has apparently changed the layout of their pages, as EVERY ONE of the above links are now dead. I will not be chasing CA DOJ with their editing…I did a lot of leg work in obtaining the above links and information, only for the CA government to break everything.



Firearms Safety – this covers all types of safeties, such as drop and grip safeties, decockers, safety notches, magazine disconnects, etc.  It pays to understand these things, because the ‘keep your booger hook off the trigger’ saying doesn’t always apply when a gun goes off unintentionally, contrary to popular opinion.

The four rules of firearms safety – Self explanatory here.  Note that at no point is press checks mentioned.

Israeli Carry Method – for those that opt to not carry with a round chambered, this is an option. Training for this method is mandatory, in my opinion.  I also posted about it a long while back.  Further information:


Manual of Arms

Decocker 101 – discusses the different aspects of decocking, levers, placement, combination decocker & safety, etc.

Understanding Handguns: Hammer-fired vs. Striker-fired – essential knowledge on hammer-fired and striker-fired handguns.


Rifle Platforms

AK Operators Union Local 47-74 – THE place for any knowledge on the AK platform.  The owner even covers the AR platforms.  Note that the site owner is an active member of the US military and is a DMR operator.

AR15 and How It Works – information regarding the internals of the AR15


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