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About the Site Owner

I’m a military veteran.  I’m a family man and father of three.  I’m married.  I’m an IT security professional with a great job.

I’m a military veteran.  I’m a family man and father of three.  I’m married.  I’m an IT security professional with a great job.

I don’t know it all.  I’m not the perfect father or husband or IT professional.  The thing is, I try to learn from my negative experiences and mistakes so that I can turn them into something positive.

I’m a 10-year military veteran.  Up until 2014, I’d never owned a firearm, but in my 10 years of active duty, I slept with guns, took a dump with guns, practiced almost monthly with guns, deployed to hostile environment with guns, and performed guard duty with live rounds.  And when I went to the range, I actually coached on basic marksmanship and sight zero adjustments.  I’ve fired M16A2s almost exclusively, but also attended an OPFOR range while assigned overseas where we fired captured Soviet-type weapons and ammunition.  I’ve handled and detonated claymore mines, as well.  I’ve also handled plastic explosives (C4), blasting caps, detonation cord, shaped charges, and other explosives (both low and high yield).  This is just everyday stuff to most veterans (minus the explosives bit, probably), but with all that being said, I’m still relatively new to handguns.  Keep in mind that a lot of my rifle experience carries over to handguns.  And really, a lot of it is common sense.  I’ve 10 years of extremely valuable firearms experience and have never owned a handgun…why is it that I’m comfortable with my handguns?  Because in the basic sense, a gun is a gun.  I already knew how to clear a semi-automatic handgun because it’s basically the same as clearing an M16:  drop the mag, pull and/or lock back the charging handle, look inside the chamber for any rounds, if there are no rounds, release the slide and place on safe (if applicable).

This blog is to share my firearms experience, to document any issues I observe when handling firearms, to share my experience with firearms-related equipment, and to share my thoughts on the political aspect of firearms.

About the political aspect, please do not leave nasty drive-by comments.  Please do not assume I’m a “Tea Bagger”.  I’m not.  Please do not bring any anti-gun mentality to this blog.  I’m trying to foster stewardship and education.  If you hate guns, this blog is NOT for you.  I’m not trying to appease those that are against gun ownership nor those that think “they’re not out to take your guns”.  I’m not trying to cooperate with anti-gun folk, so there’s no compromise when it comes to my posts on my blog.  If you don’t like what you read, move on…the internet is HUGE and you should be able to find something more to your liking than this page.