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Cyelee Holosun Optic

Are Budget Optics an Option for Concealed Carriers?

I bought a Cyelee optic for the Tisas Carry DS9 two days ago.

Specifically, I bought their CAT, which is a 3MOA Micro Pistol Green Dot Sight With Motion Deactivated Standby (RMSc Footprint).

Why did I opt for a budget optic, and in this discussion, what consitutes “budget”?

My Holosun 507K X2 ACSS optic was not cheap, at $300+. I don’t need another $300 optic. I needed an optic that wouldn’t break the bank while also being reliable. The CAT is $116 and has a reputation of being robust in durability, so I wanted to try it.

I also wanted to try a green optic to see if it agrees with me better than red optics.

If the optic does well for me, I’ll buy a few more, depending on if they’ll fit my guns — they don’t have many RMSc-footprinted optics. 🙁

I’ll eventually conduct a video review of the optic, so stay tuned for that.

Bul Armory Optic range report SAS II Ultralight video

Four Week Review of the Bul Armory SAS II UL

This is just a video-captured 20 minute summary of my experiences with the SAS II UL.

mags RDS trigger

First RDS on the Way, Plus Additional Mags

This weekend, I decided that I wanted more than just two mag for the SAS II, so I ordered two more 16-round mags.

Since I was already ordering something from the Bul Armory USA site, I also ordered a flat trigger shoe in silver.

I have a lot more JHP ammo, as well. I went to Cabelas and bought several boxes of JHP and FMJ 9mm ammo, plus, I’d forgotten that I’d done the same thing maybe two months ago, so I’ve probably 300 rounds of a mix of FMJ and SD ammo.

Today, I ended up buying my first red dot sight (RDS). I bought the Holosun HS507K-X2 ACSS Vulcan, in red, from OpticsPlanet. I had a difficult time chosing between that an the Holosun EPS Carry, but the EPS Carry was expensive (like $400 for the MRS variant). I wanted the ACSS because I’m new to red dots and the ACSS will help with sight positioning. I can buy the EPS Carry next year. As well, the HS507K-X2 ACSS will also fit on my Canik TP9 Elite SC if I decide to go back to carrying that gun.

1911 2011 Bul Armory SAS II Ultralight

Bul Armory SAS II Ultralight 3.25″ – It’s Here!

It took some effort to get it today, but I did! It’s here – my first 2011!

I thought it would be a quick thing, as I’m usually in and out of a gun shop within 30 minutes when retreiving a firearm. Something happened, though.

I found that my driver’s license expired a month ago. They wouldn’t let me get my gun without a license renewal. I went straight to the DMV and, luckily, it wasn’t packed, nor was it slow. It took me maybe half an hour to get my new license – well, they gave me a temp until the new one arrives in the mail.

I went back to the gun shop and gave them both the expired and the temp license and was able to get the gun.

I used a new-to-me FFL. The experience wasn’t bad but was unusual. What I didn’t like was that they didn’t let me see the gun before the transfer process was completed. I definitely didn’t like that, as that gun could’ve had damage or could’ve been missing a mag. I like to get a looksee of the gun before the transfer is finalized.

Anyways, I checked out the gun in their parking lot while in my car. The very first thing I noticed (and everytime I pick it up, I notice it immediately) was that the firearm is extremely light. Another thing I noticed is that it’s very small. It’s not my smallest handgun but it’s close. It’s definitely my lightest 1911 handgun, though, and would be the lightest if it weren’t for my Glock 19 (it’s lighter by 3 oz). The SAS II grips are a tad bit slippery, IMO, but my hands are sometimes dry and ashy.

The sights are NICE. The fiber optic element is bright and the rear sight is blacked out. The rear sight notch is also small, so I have no doubt that this gun is probably accurate, too.

The gun racks well. Slide to frame fitment had a miniscule bit of play. The extractor at the back of the slide is flush. The trigger is money! I did a 3 pull average with my trigger gauge and it averaged at 2 lb 14 ounces.

It comes with two mags. I’m thinking on ordering two more. I’m also thinking on getting an optic, the Holosun 507K X2 ACSS or EPS Carry.

I did have issues field stripping it. I had issues getting the slide catch out while keeping the slide back at the takedown notch.

I will be shooting this gun a while before trying to carry it, because there are many folks that have had issues with their SAS II ULs. Either their guns won’t feed JHP properly or their guns exhibit limp-wristing-like symptoms.

If I have similar issues as to what others are having, I’ll give Bul Armory a chance to fix it, but I won’t have a problem selling the gun and using the cash to get a Staccato instead.