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1911 2011 double-stack double-stacked sub-compact subcompact

EAA Girsan Witness 2311 3.4″ – My Poor Wallet!

So, I haven’t yet committed to yet another gun purchase, but I was bored last week and was perusing the EAA website and saw that they’re finally listing their Girsan Witness 2311 3.4″ (subcompact) on their product page. It’s sort of hidden, as you specifically have to manipulate their product menu to display it.

So, it’s using the same grip as their larger 2311s, which is interesting. It has that mullet look, which is similar to the Bul Armory SAS II UL. The MSRP of $999 is quite high, though, but all of the Girsan 2311s are at that price.

I’m interested, yeah. I was interested last year when they had it listed, but they pulled it off of their website for some reason and it’s only now showing up again.

Now, it has to get good reviews, too. The larger Girsan 2311s aren’t doing so hot since they were released, as they were either rushed to the market or they are just built like shit…the reviews of those aren’t really good.

LFA is supposedly releasing an Officer-sized 2011 too (as an Apollo). Now, those have been getting good reviews, although they have MIM (they’re working to make those guns MIM-free). I also remember TheHumbleMarksman showing, in a review, the failure of a slide release that was supposedly MIM-free, which is NOT good. I’d eventually like to see how well their 3.5″ gun does.

I asked the Tisas representative on the 1911Forum.com website if Tisas was planning to release ANY Officer-sized guns and they said, “No”. Later on, when folks were discussing it, someone said that they spoke to another Tisas rep and he/she said that it was being worked on! Now, if they can do one as a 2011, that would be awesome!

I’m sure there will be more news on this and when I see it, I’ll post an update!

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Thoughts on 1911s and 2011s

So, my bonus is on the way.

I still haven’t decided on which gun to get – Bul Armory SAS II Ultralight or the Alpha Foxtrot S15 1911.

Looking at Bul Armory’s website, they’re selling directly from the website, which is good because Gunbroker has a high markup and all I’m seeing is examples for bidding only. MSRP is a lot lower than I’d thought. I’ve also been wondering on the Comp edition, but it’s $300-400 higher and the comp can’t be removed (plus, it may require a custom holster to accommodate the comp).

I checked Gunbroker and up until now, the AF S15 was available – they’re now sold out, but I suppose I can reach out to the manufacturer’s web page.

On top of that, the EAA Girsan Witness 2311 appears to be on the verge of being released to the public. I’m seeing placeholder listings at Wikiarms.com (specifically at Search “eaa witness 2311” for sale | WikiArms AmmoEngine). These have a starting MSRP of $999 but many of the listings are below MSRP. They’re selling 10mm in 4.25″, 5″, and 6″, and they’re selling 45ACP in 3.5″, 4.25″, and 5″. I do not see any listings for 3.5″, which they’re supposed to be selling.

The con with the 2311 is that I do not know anything of the gun. For example, I’ve no idea on the gun’s metallurgy, nor the reliability of EAA 1911s in general. It’s also a first run for them, so they’re bound to make some mistakes. I’ve no idea of their warranty coverage and customer support dependability. I might just wait a bit for the 2311.

I was also looking at getting the Canik Mete MC9 but it’s currently having issues and I don’t actually need that gun – it’s a want that I can buy later on (ie, there’s no rush).

So, it’s still either the Bul Armory Ultralight or the AF S15 1911. I might have to flip.