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Problems of the Gun Owner During The Covid-19 Pandemic

There’s one thing that really sucks about this pandemic isn’t just the fact that folks are dying.  It’s that folks can’t practice self defense (unless they’ve their own land, of course…most folks don’t). What’s hindering folks from visiting ranges or … Continue reading

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VCDL’s Progress on Lawsuit to Reopen Indoor Shooting Ranges

I’m not sure what to think of the below: While I believe in fighting for 2A and general freedoms, the recent pandemic requires social distancing. I can understand why indoor ranges should be temporarily shut down. Some folks state that … Continue reading

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For those of you living in the Northern Virginia area and needing to shoot

For those of you that need to shoot (new gun owners, existing gun owners that need to shoot new or repaired guns), Clark Brothers is still open – they’re an outdoor range.  See below:

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