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1911s and Jacketed Hollow Points (JHP)

One thing I’ve never done is attempt to carry a 1911. Carrying means I’ve to test JHP before committing to carrying. Everyone knows (or should know) that most 1911s don’t always readily shoot JHP. I currently have shot 429 rounds … Continue reading

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Wilson Combat Magazine Release for SDS Imports 1911D B45R

Regarding the SDS Imports 1911D B45R I recently purchased, I mentioned here that it had problems with some non-OEM mags. Specifically, Wilson Combat mags were hanging upon insertion attempts. The Metalform GI mags were exhibiting the same symptoms, too. I … Continue reading

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The SDS Imports 1911B45R Has Shipped!

I thought that White Birch Armory was asleep. I’d been wondering why the order was sitting. My first thought was that they didn’t have the gun in stock. I’ve seen gun stores sit on orders, awaiting for a new shipment … Continue reading

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Annual Purchase

I usually try to buy a gun a year, specifically around this time. Last year, I bought a RIA 10mm 5″ double-stacked 1911 and Canik TP9 Elite SC. The year before that, I bought nothing. The year prior to that, … Continue reading

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New YouTube Video – 1911 Range Day!

I tried a new format in this video, using my GoPro hat-clip. What I didnt’ account for was the volume isn’t crisp, as the hat-clip requires usage of the GoPro case, which is apparently covering the camera’s mic. 🙁 There … Continue reading

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1911 Range Notes – 3/20/2021

Video Highlights: 1.  We bought Remington R1 mags (45ACP doublestacked) for use with my RIA 10mm HC, since I can’t find any Armscor mags.  One mag feeds well, the other does not.  Also, the R1 mags will fit the OEM … Continue reading

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1911 How-To: How to use the slide to disassemble the recoil rod assembly on a bull-barreled 1911

I show where I damaged a reverse plug on a bull-barreled 1911.  I’ve replaced the reverse plug with a new one that is a revised part (the replacement part has what appears to be a barrel cradle).   I also show … Continue reading

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10mm 1911s

I’ve a 10mm 1911 on the way here.  It’ll be my first full-sized 1911 and my first 10mm.  I purchased a RIA Rock Ultra FS HC chambered in 10mm.  I’d been looking at Glock 20s and 29s but didn’t want … Continue reading

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1911 – Loose Safeties

Today, I was handling my three 1911s and noticed that two of them had safeties that were rather loose.  What do I mean by loose?  Well, a good 1911 will have a safety that will have a positive click when … Continue reading

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Trigger Measurements – Part II

Yesterday I posted some trigger pull measurements of some of my handguns.  After seeing those results, I was curious as to how the rest of my handguns compared. For each handguns, I measured trigger pull by averaging out 5 pull … Continue reading

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