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4 x AK 30-round Croatian Mags from Apex Gun Parts

As an update to the prior post, I received the 4 x Croatian 30-round steel mags from Apex Gun Parts today. They all fit in my Arsenal SAM7UF.  None fit in my AKM-63.  Well, they fit but they won’t latch.  The tab … Continue reading

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Steel Mags From Atlantic Firearms

I bought a 4-pack of 30-round steel mags from Atlantic Firearms a few days ago.  They arrived today.  They were filthy but thoroughly protected from rust and corrosion. I cleaned them.  I actually took them apart and soaked them in dish … Continue reading

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Arsenal SAM7UF – Expanding My Knowledge

So, I’ve been not only looking at SAM7UF reviews online, but doing things such as swapping mags between my AK-63DS and SAM7UF. I’ve 6 Tapco mags that came with the AK-63DS.  The Arsenal came with one Magpul (Gen 1, I … Continue reading

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I’d Been Eyeing Another AK…

I sold a wheel/tire combo that belonged to my previous vehicle so I had some money to blow. I was eyeing a PSA AK47 GB3 MOEkov in FDE but kept wondering about what issues it would have when I took … Continue reading

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Recent AK Parts Mounted

Recent AK parts mounted: RS Regulate Gear w/ Sig Romeo5 RDS  RS Regulate Gear w/ Sig Romeo5 RDS  RS Regulate Gear w/ Sig Romeo5 RDS  AK Master Mount bolt on AMD63 Midwest Industries Gear w/ Sig Romeo5 RDS Midwest Industries … Continue reading

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Ordered Parts from RS Regulate; Install of Midwest Industries Rail Mount and AK Master Mount

So I received and installed the bunch of AK47 goodies mentioned when I last posted. Several things worth mentioning: 1.  The AK Master Mount fit perfectly onto the AMD-63 but one of the screw heads is too big, so I can’t … Continue reading

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Next Batch of AK47 Goodies on the way!

I reported awhile back that I bought the Butler Creek ASAP Universal Magazine Loader for the AK47 and the Magna-Matic Defense Front Sight Adjustment Tool. I’ve been using them both without issue.  The sight adjustment tool did leave scratches and gouge marks all … Continue reading

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