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A Close Look At The Innards Of The AMD 63

I wanted some video documentation of the innards of my AK, so that people see how CII firearms hold up over time. I’m finding that there are too many people that are parroting shit about guns they’ve never owned or … Continue reading

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It’s Here!

The good news: The bad news: Yes.  Already.  I haven’t even fired it yet.  The only thing I can think of is that it happened when test firing the rifle.  It’s not actually that bad…it’s only on the left side.  … Continue reading

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AMD 63 Mods On the Way!

My FFL hasn’t even received my AMD 63 yet and I’m already ordering mods for the rifle. I usually frown upon that because I always want to know how a gun shoots before modifying it.  In this case, I want … Continue reading

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Ordered My First AK47!

Last night, while at work, I ordered my first AK47. I ordered a Hungarian AMD 63 rifle that was built from original surplus parts sets.  This particular firearm is based on the Hungarian AKM.  The Hungarian AMD 63 replaced their … Continue reading

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4/2/2018 – Range Visit

Today, I went to the range.  For those of you that do this weekly, you’re probably like, “Yeah, so what?”  Well, I was supposed to be going at least twice a month but for some reason, I’ve been putting it … Continue reading

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