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About those recent comments…

About the political aspect of this blog: please do not leave offensive comments and later say, “no offense.”  Please do not assume I’m a “Tea Bagger”.  I’m not.  Please do not bring any anti-gun mentality to this blog.  If you … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Attack on the 2nd Amendment

I wanted to share a few quick notes on my opinion of Facebook’s recent attacks on groups that involve firearms. Here’s one thing I really hate about FB. They’ve hacked pages and if you’re not careful on what you click, … Continue reading

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Condition 1 Carry VS the “Israeli Method”

Semi-automatic pistols can be carried in various conditions of readiness. First defined by the legendary  Lt Col John Dean “Jeff” Cooper, these conditions are commonly accepted to be: Condition 0 – A round is in the chamber, hammer cocked, and … Continue reading

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Former CNN Anchor After Self-Defense Shooting: “If you don’t want to carry please don’t. Then, shut the f— up about it.”

Excerpted from a recent NRA ILA newsletter: Last week we shared the harrowing story of former CNN Headline News anchor Lynne Russell and husband Chuck de Caro, who exercised their right to armed self-defense to stop a gun-wielding robber who … Continue reading

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So, You Don’t Like A Particular Firearms Online Reviewer?

Every once in awhile when conversing a particular gun or accessory that might be highlighted in a YouTube review or article, I get the following or sometime similar: “James Yeager SUCKS!  Please quit sharing his content!” Please realize that it’s … Continue reading

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Some 2A Food For Thought

I posted the following yesterday to my friends and family on Facebook: Yes, folks, I carry. I’m carrying 70% of the time I’m not showering, not sleeping, or not on the work campus. Do I care that others don’t know … Continue reading

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Changing the Rules: Revisiting the Basics of Safe Gun Handling — USCCA You know the rules. They are: 1. Treat every gun as if it is loaded. 2. Never point your firearm at something you are not willing to destroy. 3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you have made … Continue reading

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Nope, Not Moving to CA!

I’ve had a change of heart and cancelled my plans to move to CA.  Why?  After thinking on it for months, I’ve determined that I’d be a fool to move to a state that limits it’s citizen in the manner … Continue reading

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Everyone Wants To Think They’re the One-Stop Firearms Guy

Why is it that every gun forum has these guys that think that their methods of carrying (and their equipment) is the one and only methods?  These guys think that their answers are the absolute only way to address a … Continue reading

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CA and Off-Roster Guns

I want to quickly discuss the validity of owning off-roster guns in CA. Please reference, as it is the frame of reference I’ll be using.  People moving to CA with off-roster only have to ensure they’re compliant with: … Continue reading

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