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PSA AK-V MOE – First Range Visit!

I had fun today!  I ended up shooting 199 rounds from the AK-V.  In an hour.  I had 100 rounds of Wolf 115-gr FMJ and Winchester White Box 115-gr FMJ. I started out at 10 yards, then went to 25, … Continue reading

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Manticore Arms CZ Scorpion EVO mags from Prepper Gun Shop

While I was waiting form my PSA AK-V to ship, I decided to order two Manticore Arms CZ Scorpion EVO mags from Prepper Gun Shop.  They were $20 each.  I didn’t want to order PSA mags because I’d forgotten to … Continue reading

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Something is on the way!

I had been spending a good bit of time researching my next rifle purchase.  I was looking for a 9mm AK variant (but was also considering a Grand Power Stribog).  I wanted a pistol caliber rifle, preferably short-barreled. I had … Continue reading

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AK-P – First Range Visit

First things first, the AK-P is NOT a good firearm for indoor shooting.  It was seriously loud. My range notes are below: First time shooting a pistol in 7.62×39. Oh man.  The bang is LOUD and BRIGHT (my range is … Continue reading

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