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P320 Compact – Range Report

I finally took my P320 Compact to the range today (I ended up taking 3 guns, plus the one I was carrying).  Man, the P320 shoots pretty damned tight.  I was shooting Winchester White Box 115-grain FMJ.  The first picture … Continue reading

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Grand Power P11 – Range Report

I’m totally awed by the way this gun shot today.  I’ve had it a while and was itching to see how it shot…alas, I’ve been busy and hadn’t had time to visit the range.  I made time today and went … Continue reading

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I Carried Concealed Today

I submitted for my concealed carry permit on 13 February 2015.  I received the permit on 21 February.  I’m now able to carry concealed.  Yes, that is probably a record timeframe of submittal and approval for the state of Virginia. … Continue reading

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CA and Off-Roster Guns

I want to quickly discuss the validity of owning off-roster guns in CA. Please reference, as it is the frame of reference I’ll be using.  People moving to CA with off-roster only have to ensure they’re compliant with: … Continue reading

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Received my CCW Permit!

I submitted for my Virginia CCW on 20 February.  I received the permit in the mail on 28 February.  That’s eight (8) days turn-round!  Yes, I knew the VA process is simple in comparison to states such as California, but … Continue reading

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